10 Beautiful Curls You Can Make With Hair Extensions

When you picture hair extensions, you probably think of those straight hair extensions that you find in every hair beauty store. But you can add curls with curly hair extensions, if you love them more. Basically, there are three major types of hair extensions: human hair extensions, (most commonly referred to as hair weaves), common hair extensions, and artificial hair integration. All of these usually serve just one purpose – adding length and thickness to your natural hair.

There are various styles of curls that you can use on just the common hair extensions to give yourself the perfect curly look. The curl options available for extensions are usually just as endless as the options you have with your natural hair. You can easily add 10 different types of beautiful curls from these hair extensions:

1. Wand Curls

Wand curls are usually created with a curling wand instead of a curling iron. Perhaps you are wondering “what’s the difference?” The main difference is that a curling iron has a clasp and a wand usually doesn’t have one. When curling your natural hair or even extensions, you hold the cord facing down but with a wand, you hold it facing up. If you are still confused about what curling wands look like, think about the curling wands from Disney movies – they’re the same. When you use a curling wand to curl your hair extensions you will achieve more naturally wave-like curls. If you use a curling iron, the curls will appear more tight.

The 2 wand curl options

There are two options available for you if you wish to style your extensions with the wand curl. There is the big wand curl option and the small curl option. The big wand curl option usually gives a dramatic look for an overall luxurious appearance.

The smaller wand curling option produces smaller and tighter curls. The larger the circumference of the curling wand used, the bigger the curls you’ll create. This is the same with a curling iron.

2. Spiral Curls

The classic curl look that most ladies out there usually wear is the spiral curl. The spiral curls usually give a lady a more classic look and therefore, many ladies prefer this style. For you to achieve a good spiral curl with your extensions, you have to use a curling iron as this will give you the perfectly-shaped spirals.

3. Shirley Temple Curls

This style of curls is named after the iconic Shirley Temple, a classic TV child star from way back. In order to achieve this look, you will have to go a little old school and make use of sponge rollers or even the Flexi-i-rods. Shirley Temple curls are medium-sized and so it’s better to section off one inch of hair. You will achieve the best results by combing your hair but just make sure the hair extension is detangled.

4. Water Wave Curl

You need to take about an inch wide of your extension hair and use a curling wand to curl it. You will then hold the curl for about 15 seconds or even longer so that even the hard hair can curl. Just ensure that you don’t keep the hair too long in the wand. Then, you can continue following this procedure until all the sections of the extensions hair are complete. Once you are done, take a look at the areas that don’t appear well-curled and redo the process until you properly curl them.

5. Waves

Waves can greatly enhance your beautiful look when you are on vacation. With them, you can radiate that fun and tropical vibe at the concerts or parties that you attend. You have a number of options to achieve waves with your hair extension. However, if you want to achieve the best wave, it’s best to use a curling wand. Curls created using a wand usually look more natural, which is the most desirable outcome.

Moreover, you can still just follow the procedures given above for the big and small wand curls. However, you can take it a step further by braiding the hair, spraying it and then letting it stay so for a few hours. Please note that the longer you let the extension hair stay in braids, the longer these waves will last! When you feel that your hair is ready, you can undo the braids neatly and let your lovely wavy hair loose.

6. The Sock Bun Curls

This is another great method that you can rely on to curl your hair extension. It is a simple technique that may take just a couple of minutes. In this method, you will need to wash the extensions and then dry them before brushing. Afterwards, put the locks in a ponytail. Then, you have to make a shock bun by cutting off the end of the sock and then rolling it into a bun. Place the bun in the ponytail, then split the ponytail into pieces. After that, you will start wrapping one section around the sock bun. When you are finished, secure everything with clips to prevent your hair from unraveling. You can then go to sleep, and when morning comes, you can unravel the hair strands and find the most beautiful strands ever!

7. Kinky Curls

Kinky curls give more volume and are very bouncy. With them, you can achieve that cool Afro look and they aren’t hard to make either. You can visit your hairstylist to help you make this great curl style for your hair extension.

8. The Straw Curl

This is one of the most readily available hair extensions curling technique you can easily put on while at home. You can simply use plastic straws to make lovely curls out of your hair extensions. Find out more about the procedure involved in this extension curling style online.

9. The Hair Roller Curling Style

This one is the simplest of all of these as you need to just use hair rollers on your hair extension to create those beautiful curls. There are various types of hair curlers so be sure to choose those that will produce curls that suit your unique taste.

10. The Twisted Spiral Curl

This curl is spicier than all the other styles of curls and you can create it from your hair extension to look unique, lovable, and adorable. Check with your hairstylist for the possibility of you using it on your hair extension. 

All of us want luscious, flowing hair and curls will give you just that. And after trying these fun hairstyles, you’ll find something you’ll absolutely love. Who knows? One of these may become your go-to look. Curls are a fabulous way to show off how beautiful you are!

Feature image by Tamara Bellis via Unsplash


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