5 Types Of Coworkers You’ll Need

Whenever we snag a new job, we always wonder, “How will my coworkers be?” “How will the work environment be?” and “Who will be my work friend?” 

Once we step into that job, we may find ourselves conversing and chatting with our colleagues frequently. When times get tough, we may trust our colleagues to the point where we start to confide in them.

Having trustworthy coworkers is always great, especially when working in a difficult environment. Here are five coworkers you’ll need to survive any type of job: 

1. The One Who Watches Out For You 

Let’s say that you’re wearing your AirPods and listening to music at the office one day. Your colleague sitting beside you taps you on the shoulder and suggests you take your AirPods off. They point to your supervisor, letting you know they are now present and watching you complete your task. 

You’ll always want a colleague like this at any workplace because they have your back. Instead of ignoring you, they inform you of the changes in the workplace and encourage you to exhibit your best behavior. When you have a colleague who watches out for you, you’ll feel more like a part of the team. 

2. The One Who Lends a Helping Hand 

We all love colleagues willing to lend a helping hand. Whenever they see us struggle, they find ways to help us with our tasks. These colleagues are the heroes of any workplace because they know the importance of supporting the team. Instead of focusing solely on their own tasks, they know how important it is to help others with different assignments. This leads to a more productive team. 

3. The One With a Listening Ear and Kind Heart

We all go through different challenges outside of work. For example, we may have a rough day or struggle to pay our bills. So, make sure you have a colleague who can provide a listening ear at work. 

This coworker will become a work friend, as they know about some of our personal situations. Moreover, they also empathize with us, creating a more supportive working environment

4. The One Who Advocates For The Team 

Your boss won’t always be the best. Sometimes, they may decide to make abrupt changes without consulting their employees. Moreover, they may put too much workload on the employees, which can affect your mental health. In these cases, ensure you have a colleague who advocates for the team.

This coworker can speak for the group and express any concerns to the boss. Without them, very few changes happen, and your boss won’t hear many voices speaking out about issues. So, make sure you have a colleague who will stand up for your team. 

5. The Patient One

They all say patience is a virtue, and it’s more than true in the workplace. 

Having a patient colleague helps when you first start out. This colleague will train you, answer your questions, and help you navigate a confusing environment. Instead of ignoring your concerns, they will always be there if you have a concern that needs addressing. 

Regardless of where you work, feeling supported and heard by your colleagues is crucial. You need to work where you feel comfortable being yourself. That way, your colleagues will have your back and help you stand up for yourself when something happens. Unfortunately, many workplaces don’t have these colleagues. So when you do run into one of these types, always cherish them.

Featured image via Antoni Shkraba on Pexels


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