17 Reasons You Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Fall

Look away if you are still holding onto the last couple weeks of summer because I’m about to help you put away your short-shorts and bikini’s. It’s time to start throwing on big knit sweaters and your favorite fall boots. Then again, if you’re dreading the oncoming autumn, this list of people’s favorite fall memories and traditions might help you shake off those End-of-August-Blues. So, brace yourself to start craving a Pumpkin Spice Latte and say goodbye to those pesky mosquitos and blistering sunburns.

Here’s all the reasons we should look forward to autumn weather:

1. “The clothes, weather, leaves, tea. Everything.”

2. “Fall fashion, pretty colored leaves, Thanksgiving, camp fires, PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING.”

3. “Camp fires, the crisp air, wearing boots, jeans, and plaid shirts.”

4. “Pumpkin spice, fresh air, autumn colors, Halloween, Thanksgiving (just for the food), the fall smell, literally everything. Fall is the best season.”

5. “When my boots match my hair and I feel all matchy-matchy.”

6. “Dark lipstick.”

7. “I like it because I can wear an oversized sweatshirt and you’ll never know if I’m hiding a 6 pack or a full on beer belly like my father.

8. “The start to sweatshirt weather and stepping on a crunchy leaf.”

9. “Apple picking! And everything related to it – drinking apple cider, wearing sweaters, looking at pumpkins, eating apple cider donuts.”

10. “Layers. All the layers. I’m so sick of crop-tops.”

11. “Scarves, boots, leaves, pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving dinner, rainy days, candles, cozy blankets, Halloween movies, tea, fires.”

12. “Bugs have returned to hell.”

13. “Not sweating my butt off.”

14. “The way the chilly wind hugs you as you walk through flying leaves and breathe in that crisp fall smell.”

15. “I know it’s weird, but fall has a definite smell because of all of the leaves falling. It just smells like the beginning of a new year!”

16. “Bath & Body Works fall candle line. Who doesn’t want their house to smell like a pumpkin pecan waffle?”

17. “October light – it has a mellow golden quality that is pure and unique to that month.”

Are you getting excited yet? Just writing this has me craving a night in with tea, blankets, and Hocus Pocus. Summer is great and I’ll definitely miss sleeping in past noon, but nothing compares to the russet tones and cozy vibes of autumn. So squeeze out those last few drops of summer and get ready for the chilly embrace of the most wonderful season there is.

Featured image via Gabby K on Pexels



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