Beyond Sexy: 5 Compliments Every Girl Should Hear Every Day

Givin' out such sweet nothings.

It’s no secret that everyone relishes a good compliment here and there. In fact, a minute compliment has the ability to alter your entire day; maybe even making a home in your memory for life. The following examples, although quite simple, are some of the most stick-to-your-ribs compliments out there:

  1. I miss you.”

Adam GIRLS Miss

This compliment, although short and sweet, is by far the most humbling and affirmative. To be missed-to have had such an impact on someone else’s life that you’ve burned an exceptional memory into their mind-is of the utmost importance. There is nothing quite as strong as the yearning for another person. Love may fade, but truly extraordinary memories do not. If you’re missing someone at this very moment, do yourself a favor and let them know. And, above all, strive to be missed.

  1. “You’re beautiful.”

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This compliment is so memorable because it packs so much potential into two small words. As the adage goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone has their own definition of the word. To be thought of as a beautiful person transcends mere aesthetic beauty. To be beautiful in the eyes of another takes a different form with each person; no beauty is exactly the same. That is what makes it such a momentous thing to hear, that you’re a specific someone’s type of beautiful. And that is a beautiful thing.

  1. “You’re smart.”


The bottom line: intelligence is sexy, way sexy. Anyone can come up to you and remark on your outer beauty, but looks will only carry you so far in the long run. You’ve gotta be the full package in this big, bad world, and that includes a nice, juicy brain (you thought I was going to say ass, didn’t you?!). While it is no secret that your outward appearance may catch someone’s initial attention, it is your personality and mind that will entertain and keep them. Act accordingly. Impress people with what goes on inside your head, not just what color your eyes are.

      1. “_____ made me think of you.”


It’s always the little things that matter most, right? This compliment resonates with everyone so well because of its sheer simplicity. Being told that a classic song or a local restaurant triggers a memory of you can be more powerful than you think. Knowing that something, no matter how minute, brings you into the forefront of someone’s mind is extremely potent.

5. “I like you.”


This simple yet poignant compliment is timeless. Ever since the playground days, people of all ages and walks of life value these three uncomplicated words. No matter how old we grow, hearing that you’re liked (be it in a romantic, professional, or playful setting) is an ageless way to let someone know you enjoy their presence.

It doesn’t always take extravagant gestures and over-the-top presents to impress someone. Sweet nothings are oftentimes the most sufficient ways to communicate your feelings, especially when it comes to women. Oh-and mentioning that our butt is the best butt won’t hurt either.

Featured image via Anastasia Shuraeva on Pexels



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