A Thank You Letter To The Random Girls

My life has been shaped and changed by my close friendships with strong, smart, caring, and powerful women. But this article is not about the women I am close with; it is about the women I’ve had little to no relationship to at all, but have still astounded me with their kindness.

Thank you to the girls who have given me a hair tie at the gym when I forgot one, especially if it was your only one, or the last one in your pack. You might have wanted to tie your hair up later and been unable to, but you gave it to me anyway. You saved me from a frustrating time trying to keep my hair out of my face on the treadmill.

Thank you to the girls who didn’t know me well but still braided my hair for me. I know it took about ten minutes and my hair is thick and difficult to deal with, but you didn’t complain. I got to feel fly for the rest of the day because of you.

Thank you to every girl who helped me out when a friend of mine or I was too drunk at the bar. Thanks for bringing a cup of water to the bar bathroom for me. Thanks for helping me pull back my friend’s hair while she puked. Thanks for calling a cab while I took care of a friend who needed attention, or while a friend took care of me.

Thanks to all the girls who have given me compliments on a bus, at a bar, at school, anywhere. Thanks for saying you liked my shoes, hair, clothes, and eyeliner. You didn’t have to—you didn’t know me at all—but you said something positive to me anyway with no agenda or attempt to get something in return. It really did mean a lot to me.

Thank you to the girls who have swooped in to pull me away from a guy who wouldn’t leave me alone. Thanks for seeing that I was uncomfortable, walking over to pretend you were my friend, and pulling me away from the situation. As we walked away together, I could feel myself get less tense. We parted ways soon after, but I didn’t forget what you did and I’m still grateful to this day.

Thank you to the girls who have shown empathy and kindness when listening to me. Thank you to the friend of a friend who listened to me blather on about dating problems. Thanks to the girl who heard me crying in the washroom on a bad day and asked what was wrong. Thank you to the girl who calmed me down when I was hysterical about accidentally missing a final exam. You all made me feel heard and supported during a time I felt very alone. I can’t overstate how important that was for me.

Even though I do not know your names, you have still impacted me, whether it was making my day to making me feel safer. You all inspire me to be better. You helped build my faith in the goodness that exists in this world. Shout out to all the women in this world who are kind to others. Your random acts do not go unnoticed.

Featured Image via Pexels


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