6 Not-So-Obvious Ways Working Out Changes Your Life

You know the obvious ways that working out changes your life. You have more muscle and looser pants. Things are toned up and not as jiggly as they used to be. However, working out can have more impact than just the physical changes you see happening, too.

1. It’s A Self-Esteem Booster.

The more you push yourself, the more you can be proud of what you’re accomplishing. You’ve set some sort of goal to get in shape, and every time you work out, it proves you’re sticking with it. Plus, it’s always an awesome feeling to be able to run longer than you did before or lift heavier weights. The perks that’ll show on your toned body don’t hurt, either!

2. It’s A Chance To Make New Friends.

Joining a gym or a fitness class is a great way to meet new people. Even walking or jogging down the street gives you new people to run into – especially if you have a dog! You can never have too many people to hang out with, and it’s always helpful to have a workout buddy because they make you step up your game. Your gym friend could also turn into being a friend for life.

3. It Improves Your Mental Health.

Physical exercise reduces stress and releases mood-enhancing endorphins, making it an awesome way to help improve your mental health. It gets you out of the rut you’re in and gets you active and moving, while also boosting your mood. Especially during finals week, a big project at work and other times where you’re insanely stressed, exercising is an awesome way to get your head in a better place.

4. You Can Open That Pickle Jar By Yourself.

And that’s a serious accomplishment. Adding a bit of muscle means you won’t struggle as much with everyday tasks. You can open jars and bottles with no issue and rearrange your apartment with ease! You can even help other people out when they need to move something. It feels good to be stronger!

5. It Can Help You Kick Bad Habits.

Once you get into a workout routine, it’s something you tend to want to keep up. You aren’t going to feel awesome if you’re working out after chugging a few beers or eating half a tub of ice cream. That stuff in moderation is fine, but wanting to keep progressing with fitness and making your body better will make you think twice about that second brownie.

6. It Makes You Want To Change More.

You’ll want to make more lifestyle changes after you start working out. You want to continue your progress, so a healthier diet can help you accomplish that. You’ll want to buy some more flattering clothes to show off your changing figure. Maybe working out will also inspire you to start working out some other things, like your mind with some reading instead of the TV.

Fitness is an entire lifestyle change. You may not notice it at first, but after a few months of working out, you’ll realize all the benefits it’s brought into your life. I know that I’ve made some amazing lifelong friends from going to workout classes in my town, who keep me accountable when it comes to my fitness routine. My whole life has improved and I can’t imagine going back to my old bad habits. Give it a go!

Featured Image via Agnes Dalen.


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