How To Throw An Incredible Pool Party This Summer


There are a couple of essential ingredients for any pool party that is entirely out of the host’s hands. The first is the weather, and the second is how good people have a time. While everyone is truly helpless when it comes to making sure the sun shines, and the rain stays away on the day of their party, there are a few steps anyone can take to help ensure that their party is a success.

Pick a Theme

When it comes to throwing a genuinely memorable pool party, the theme can make or break the entire experience. In addition, the theme will often inform the décor and menu for the whole evening. So, to really wow your guests, avoid tired themes such as Hawaiian Luaus or Tiki Nights, and instead dig a bit deeper when brainstorming.

Don’t be afraid to go with a tangentially related to water or even a little off-beat theme, such as a Great Gatsby or Titanic-themed party. Whatever theme you choose, invite your guests to dress up and go all out. Your enthusiasm will be sure to catch on and turn into a tidal wave of fun. (Still, stuck? HGTV has put together this handy gallery of theme ideas that may be helpful to explore.)

Refreshments Are Key

All that swimming can lead one to work up an appetite quickly. Refreshments are the perfect solution. Feel free to go with the old standards, such as a poolside hot dog or snow cone. However, plenty of liquid refreshments should also be available – and yes, that includes drinking water and more frivolous or adult options. 

If you want to offer more substantial snacking options, food cones can be a great way to let your guests graze on various snacks without making a mess. Not only that, but these cones can be an easy and fun update to the same old charcuterie board that we all have come to be so familiar with. Just fill cones with the same ingredients in your typical charcuterie board and let your guests have fun munching on their cones. 

Get the Right Pool Toys

There is much more to pool toys today than throwing a couple of pool noodles in the water and calling it a day. Not only have inflatable doughnuts and flamingos become everyone’s favorite social media background photo, but there is also a bevy of underwater toy options to explore.

An example would be an underwater scooter, which uses a propeller fixed to a small engine to spirit riders across a pool at considerable speeds. Such toys can be exhilarating to share. However, consider asking guests to bring their goggles if you’ll be providing such underwater frivolities. (It never hurts to have a couple of extra pairs on hand for guests to take turns with if they forget to bring their goggles.) 

Music Is the Party Engine

If the party seems to be dragging, it may be time to switch up the music. Many hosts spend so much time putting together a perfectly curated playlist that fits their theme that they don’t consider if the music is – as the B-52s would say – keeping the party going. To help out, be sure to check that everyone is bobbing their heads to your selection of tunes from time to time.

A great option to save you some time is to search for existing playlists. Playlist curators develop new themes and genres daily that could be the perfect fit for your party – then, you don’t have to put any effort into creating one yourself.

Keep the Pool Deck Safe

Pool safety goes far beyond the familiar edict, no running! Unfortunately, while having a licensed lifeguard is ideal, this isn’t possible for most family pool parties. In such cases making sure no one is ever in the pool alone and that children are supervised is of paramount importance. In addition, parents should review relevant guidelines before letting children in the water.

Other safety tips include swapping glassware for plastic cups and keeping the pool deck free of obstructions. Keep all food away from the water. 

Rules may seem designed to be a buzzkill for your party, but they are designed to keep everyone safe to have a good time. After all, wouldn’t you like to be relaxing poolside on a lovely summer’s day rather than stuck in the E.R. getting stitches?

There you have it, all the essential pieces you’ll need to throw the pool party of your dreams. With the right mixture of food, music, safety, and more, the pool will surely be the place to be this summer. While throwing a good party does require a little bit more planning, once you get the hang of it, throwing amazing pool parties can become an easily accessed skill.

Photo by Kindel Media via Pexels


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