If You Haven’t Heard The Anthem For Rio Olympics, You Need To Listen Now

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Katy Perry, and I’ve got to say, her latest will give you chills every time you hear it. Last night the singer shocked fans worldwide by releasing her new single, Rise, ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympics. Perry tweeted:

Along with the debut came the premiere of the music video. Full of shots around Brazil, and previous clips from the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London; highlighting great achievements of the world’s greatest athletes winning their gold hardware (most shown were American, obviously), and even the most heartbreaking.

Aside from the powerful imagery comes with inspiring lyrics about being a champion and overcoming your battles. Think Roar, but to a slower tempo.

The opening lyric says it all:

“I won’t just survive, Oh you will see me thrive. Can write my story, I’m beyond the archetype. I won’t confirm, no matter how you shake my core. Cause my roots, they run deep.”

It makes you imagine you’re holding facing that gymnastics bar, and you’re about to take a leap into the air before your blistered and powdered hands make contact with that flimsy pole. Before you know it, all eyes are you around the world, camera’s are flashing, you take a deep breath and this is your moment to give it all you have. It’s your time to rise.

Queen Katy, you have done it again. Bringing out our inner warrior, empowering those around you, and overall creating an anthem for a country to play for years to come. I say this and I’m not even from the US! Definitely worth the 3:20 to watch the video, and I dare you to not get the chills at least once.


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