7 Simple Gifts For Your Doctor On National Doctors’ Day

We all sometimes find doctor check-ups and emergency rooms hectic, but they’re essential to maintaining our mental and physical health. And the people in charge of assessing our health, doctors, should be appreciated way more than they are. Luckily, today, March 30, is National Doctors’ Day, so we can show our appreciation with some gifts. 

Keep in mind that doctors have an ethical guideline to follow from the American Medical Association. These guidelines are mainly about the size, intention, and impacts of the gift on the recipient and the giver. Due to these ethical guidelines, here are five ideas that abide by them: 

1. A hand-made “thank you” drawing

Instead of giving a “thank you card,” you can craft a drawing for your doctor. Perhaps you can draw the hospital or a cartoon portrait of the doctor. After you color the picture in, you can add the words “thank you” at the bottom to show your appreciation. 

2. Bake some “thank you” cookies

You can research some recipes for delicious cookies, whether chocolate chip or oatmeal. Perhaps, you can ask the doctor if they are on a special diet or if they have any allergies before you begin doing your research. After finding your favorite recipe, you can add toppings and even try to incorporate the words ‘thank you’ on top of each cookie. 

3. Hot chocolate mix

Many physicians will appreciate a cup of warm hot cocoa on a cold day. It’s a good alternative to coffee or tea. Plus, it’s more relaxing to drink during a cold, 12-hour shift. So, find a box of hot chocolate mix and add a note for your doctor. 

4. Write a letter 

Nothing is more professional and welcoming than writing a letter expressing gratitude for your doctor. If you have great penmanship, you can perhaps purchase some blank paper and an envelope. Otherwise, you can use your computer. After writing your letter, you can fold it and put it in the envelope. Style the envelope with brilliant calligraphy and feel free to give it to your doctor the next time you see them. 

5. Gift cards for food 

Warning: Before going forward with this option, consult the office policies. For example, ask what the maximum amount of monetary contribution is before proceeding. 

If your doctor has a favorite place to eat or buy their morning coffee, you can give them a gift card. They will definitely enjoy purchasing their coffees and desserts for the mornings and afternoons. Sometimes, the doctor may not even have any time to sit down and eat during a busy shift. So, having a gift card will help them get some food as soon as they’re done. 

6. “Thank you” sticker 

Who doesn’t love stickers? If you’re feeling extra creative, you can purchase blank sticky labels from the dollar store. Then, you can use permanent markers to design a “thank you” sticker and give it to your doctor. 

7. “Quote” bookmarks 

Anyone would appreciate a nice quote to get them through the day, especially doctors. 

To do that, you could purchase some blank cardboard paper and cut out small rectangular shapes. Afterward, you can use a hole puncher to punch a hole at the top. Then, get some ribbon from the dollar store, thread it through the hole, and tie a fancy knot. 

On the blank piece of paper, write any quote from famous doctors, whether it’s Elizabeth Blackwell or Hippocrates. Add some designs around the quote and make sure you write your letters in different fonts for added effect.

Doctors are great professionals who are there to help us through thick and thin. Unfortunately, due to the demanding nature of the job, some of them do experience burnout, so a nice gift can help them feel appreciated. Sometimes, though, they will have to consider the ethical boundaries when accepting gifts. But if you give them one of these, you may be able to brighten up their day and hopefully keep them happy.

Featured image via Karolina Grabowska on Pexels


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