What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs can be different when it comes to dating. We all have different characteristics, but it really comes into play when you are dating. Especially when you are dating someone all of your positive and negative traits come out. Good or bad, a relationship is going to expose every last one of them. I made a list of the signs and what it’s like to date them.


Simply put, she is an independent woman. She doesn’t need a man, but if she does have one around it will never be boring. Her fiery attitude will keep any guy on his toes, but it could also get her in trouble when arguing. She needs to date someone on her level, because she is not the most patient person in the world, but she makes up with it on how she treats the guy she is with.


This woman is very down to earth and she knows what she wants. She wants to be wined and dined, not the type for Netflix and chill. She doesn’t take shit from anybody, and soon as that guy acts like a jerk, she is walking out that door. This girl is always putting his needs in front of her own, which can be a double edge sword if he isn’t treating her well.


She is not easily impressed so it’s pretty rare if she finds a guy she is actually interested in longer than a few dates. She enjoys short flings over making it official. Men are intrigued by her, but she doesn’t show off her emotions. They don’t really know what to think, or can gauge what is going on. Once she is committed, she gives 100% and she will make some guy the luckiest guy in the world.


These signs feel everything deeply, so she’s not going to be into just one night stands. If she is going to take her time, she’s actually interested in you. She is seeing if y’all could be in a relationship. She is great because she understands your emotions since she is so in touch with hers. This can get her in trouble though because she can be overbearingly emotional. This can get in the way of her thinking which can make her irrational. She needs a man who can be patient and deal with this. She has an undying loyalty.


She needs a one woman man. She’s not into competing with other girls when she knows she deserves your undivided attention. Her standards are extremely high which means you need to impress her to win her over. She is very affectionate and knows what she wants. There needs to be a strong man a man who loves how fiery and passionate she truly is.


As an earth sign, she is stable and controlled. She takes time and observes the scenery before she makes a move, she’s not one to make a crazy decision. She is perfect for a long-term, committed relationship. You need to know their intentions first and need to see stability over time to start a relationship. You have to earn her trust, but once you do she’s loyal.


She expects a lot from her man you could call that high maintenance or you could call it having standards. She wants a man who makes her a priority and invests. If they are not taking her out, and giving her compliments, she is going to tell that boy bye! She needs that romance, but once you give it to her she will treat you like a king. She will make you feel at home and never like a burden.


This woman is witty and flirtatious. She comes off as detached to emotions, strong, and independent. This is only a façade because she doesn’t let men in easily. Her witty banter can weed out men to find the one that has true intentions.


They are free spirits. Easy going, talkative, and life of the party. They are always down to have fun. Not really looking to settle down because they won’t settle for anything less than perfect. It has to be 100% butterfly all the time type of love. They pride themselves on being independent, so if you want to win her over you can’t smother her. You have to be able to go with the flow and be up for everything.


These women have a tough exterior. They seem like they are not very interested in dating but that is because their expectations are insanely high. She will only be interested in someone who puts a lot of effort into getting to know her and taking her out. The right guy will bring the romance as he breaks down her walls. She is secretly a hopeless romantic and will have undying loyalty to the right man.


Aquarian women do not trust easily. They might really like you, but will hold back in order to get to know you. They will take their time to warm, but once they do they are great partners. They are smart and love witty banter, anything to engage intellectually. A truly playful partner. She is perfect for a confident, independent man. Because she needs her space and is very self-sufficient.


She is a great girlfriend. She is devoted and loving. Making any guy feel special and important. Although, he is going to have to work for it. She isn’t going to just hang onto every word you say. She is also great for a manly man. She would like someone to take the lead, and she would be great for a leader.

We’re all human so of course we’re going to have similarities. Especially when you share the same element as someone, but there are some signs that are more relationship oriented and some more hook up oriented. Also, there are some open signs and more that are guarded. I hope this was a little accurate and helpful understanding yourself and others!

Featured image via cottonbro on Pexels


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