5 Tips For Adjusting To Living On Your Own

There are a lot of things you will figure out when you become an adult. Paying bills, scheduling plans, and budgeting are all things that we have to learn to live our day-to-day lives. However, there are a few things no one can truly prepare you for once you move out on your own. In particular, one stands out, and it’s so common that no one thinks of it until the day of moving comes.

You’re officially on your own and have no idea what to do now.

Whether you’ve moved a few hours away or as far as states away, you are now living the life you “dreamed of” — it’s both exciting and nerve-wracking. My very first time moving away, I was roughly six hours from home, which doesn’t seem far, especially when you’re from Texas. But I was a few states away, not just in a different city in my home state.

Here are some things I figured out that helped me adapt and make the most out of my situation.

1. Accept that you will be nervous and that it’s okay.

Probably only 1% of people don’t have nerves about moving somewhere new. The majority of us know that it’ll take some time to adjust. It’s okay to have second thoughts while unpacking your bags or still driving. But don’t let it stop you from going somewhere new and having new experiences.

2. Find common hang-out spots for people your age.

There will always be a place where the majority of people hang out. Maybe it’s the coffee shop on the weekends or the restaurant downtown that plays live music at night. Whatever it is, you will find the places that have good vibes and are clearly a town favorite!

3. If you have a dog, find a dog park.

As dog parents, we all know that finding someone else with a furry friend is essential. Our dogs have social lives just like us. So what better way than to make friends with whom you already share a common interest? Luckily, many places have dog parks or dog-friendly spaces!

4. Ask for recommendations from people at work or school.

Chances are, the people you work with or see on a daily basis are locals who know a thing or two. For example, they probably know the best place to get deals on clothes or where you can find the best hole-in-the-wall Mexican food place. So it doesn’t hurt to ask. And if they don’t know, you can find out together.

5. Check event pages on social media for meet-ups.

With how active people are on social media, something is always advertised. When in doubt, you know something will go down on the weekend. At first, it may feel awkward to attend by yourself. But remember, you are all there because you’re clearly interested in whatever is happening. So, there’s a conversation starter right there!

Finally, remember that when you are trying new things or meeting new people, the first time might not be successful. So don’t convince yourself that you’re failing miserably at trying to live on your own. There are so many people in the same situation as you. You just have to find your niche and your people!

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