10 Things I Hate That I Love About You

We all have that one person we can’t get out of our head. Maybe it’s your ex, maybe it was that cutie you met last weekend. Whoever it is and whatever stage we are at in life, we have someone who is our personal weakness. No matter what they have done, we still love them. Inspired by the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, I wrote my own ten things.

1. I hated that you talked about how other girls are so hot, but I loved it when you look into my eyes and told me how beautiful I was.

2. I hated how you lied to me and said that nothing was going on between you and Jackie, but I loved you so much that I stayed anyway.

3. I hated that you didn’t put effort into our relationship, but you loved me so much you didn’t have the strength to end it.

4. I hated it when you would like other girls pictures, but I loved how you had mine on your desk.

5. I hated how you would never take my advice, but you were always there for me when I needed some.

6. I hated the fact that you got such bad mood swings, but you still never forgot to tell me that you loved me.

7. I hated it when you had to talk to everyone at the bar, but you never forgot to save a dance for me.

8. I hated how self-conscious you were of yourself, but I loved how you always had so much confidence in me.

9. I hated the fact that my family didn’t get along with you, but you loved me so much you still came camping with me.

10. I hated that you didn’t chase me down to Austin, but you loved me so much you helped me move there.

I haven’t figured it out why we love. Maybe that’s why we can’t give some people up, because we’re always figuring them out. I hope the person you’re stuck on is amazing and treats you well. Mine didn’t, but writing this really helped me see how bad he was for me. In fact it helped me move on. So, whatever stage you are at in life I hope this helps.

Featured image via Lucas Souza on Pexels


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