5 Pros And Cons You Need To Know Before Pursuing A Libra

Luck be a Lady Libra.

If you wanna be Libra’s lover, you’ve gotta read up on facts. Unique and flirtatious, Libra has the potential to throw suitors for a loop. Luckily for you (and just in time for the fall zodiac) this guide will help you through the tumultuous struggle that is winning over a Lady Libra.

1. Lady Libra Has Good Taste


Pro: Libra will never get you a shitty birthday present. Ever.
Con: Libra tends to be a tad selective.
It is true that a Libra likes the finer things in life, including gourmet food and anything aesthetically pleasing. She is easily wooed by life’s guiltiest pleasures, including quality men. Don’t let this deter you, however, for she is just as exceptional of a giver as she is a receiver. Lady Libra is gracious, always willing to return the favor for those she cares about. Essentially, if Lady Libra fancies you, you must be a damn good catch.

2. Lady Libra is Indecisive


Pro: You get to make a lot of decisions for her.
Con: Libra never knows what sounds good. Mexican? Italian? Dammit.
Libras are a notoriously indecisive zodiac sign. She grapples with decision making as if it were rocket science. However, this isn’t always a negative. When trying to impress a Libra, always make the plans ahead of time. Tell her when to be ready and where you’re taking her beforehand to dodge the indecision bullet. Easy fix, bro.

3. Lady Libra is Ruled by Venus


Pro: Libra is charismatic and easy on the eyes.
Con: Libra is highly sought after. Act accordingly.
Libras are ruled by the planet Venus, which is responsible for her grace and attractive features. Suitors should be warned that in order to get a Libra, they’ll most likely have to go above and beyond to snag her attention. This is why Libra is attracted to those who take the initiative to be with her. So go ahead, make Libra’s day.

4. Lady Libra picks quality over quantity.


Pro: Libra is extremely grateful for goodness, in people and in things.
Con: Truly good quality is rare, hard to find, and even harder to hold onto.
Libras value nice people and nice things over anything else. She is incredibly appreciative for quality. If you land a Libra and do everything in your power to treat her well, she will reciprocate tenfold. Libra will treat others better than she is treated; she knows the value of quality. It is because of this that Lady Libra makes such an idealistic partner.

5. Lady Libra is Loyal


Pro: Nobody will treat you better.
Con: No woman will ever be the same after you’ve loved a Lady Libra.
Libras are fueled by passion; she feels and nurtures on a higher level than most. Lady Libra is an extremely loyal partner in any friendship and relationship. She is a good woman to have by your side: she is fiercely dependable and caring and she vehemently keeps her word. Get a Lady Libra on your team, yo!

Lady Libra is passionate, alluring, and intriguing in all the right ways. Now that you have the tools to do so, go out there snag one for yourself. By successfully seizing Lady Libra, you’ll bring light, love, and loyalty into your life. Trust me.

Featured image via lehandross on Pexels



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