6 Healthy Alternatives To Fight Your Junk Food Cravings

Late at night the urge to stuff your face with junk food becomes overwhelming Personally, I always crave peanut butter and then end up eating half the jar. It makes me feel so guilty afterwards because two tablespoons is already 200 calories! After a long day all you want to do is sit in front of the TV and eat some pizza. Certain junk foods like pizza, (specifically the cheese on pizza) have an effect on your brain. A chemical is released that causes you to become “addicted” to cheese because it gives such a pleasurable feeling while eating it. And now we know where cravings come from.

While we sometimes feel like we need to give into our cravings, you can do it without making unhealthy choices.

  1. If you’re craving fries.

Try making a healthy version of your own fries by cutting up a potato and not using any oil! Making your own fries is super simple. Just cut a potato into fry shaped pieces and place on top of some baking paper on a cookie sheet. Season with whatever seasonings you like (cayenne pepper or Italian seasoning is my favorite) and stick in the oven at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes.

  1. If you’re craving candy.

Slice up some fresh fruit like strawberries, blackberries or watermelon! The sweetness of the fruit will stave off your craving for candy. As a bonus, after you slice up your fruit, you’ll have a pretty Instagram picture!

  1. If you’re craving cookies or cake.

Try making homemade peanut butter protein balls! They have a cakey texture but have nothing but good ingredients in them. Plus, they’re super filling! Get the recipe here. Bonus health tip: if you want to be even healthier, replace the chocolate chips with raisins.

  1. If you’re craving bread or carbs.

A good replacement for when you’re craving carbs is oatmeal. Although oatmeal still has carbs, it’s better for you because it’s slow releasing, which means it’ll keep you full for longer. I’m not talking about the super sugary prepackaged oatmeal. I’m talking about the plain oats. You can always add a bit of your own sweetener like maple or agave syrup.

  1. If you’re craving chips.

Chips have that salty taste and crunchy texture everyone loves, but they’re filled with fats you don’t need. Kale or seaweed chips have the same crunch but are way better for you. If you’re just not feeling like eating some greens, try popcorn!

  1. If you’re craving ice cream.

An obvious answer to this one is to go for some fro-yo instead. If you want to try something delicious and super healthy, freeze three bananas and then blend them in a blender or food processor! It tastes just like ice-cream! Trust me it’s the best thing you’ll ever have. You can also add some of your own toppings like almonds, peanut butter and fruit.

Breaking bad habits can be difficult but it’s part of the journey towards better health. Replacing junk foods you eat everyday with healthier foods can make a huge difference! When you start eating healthier, you’ll feel so much better about your body, and your mind will feel clearer as well! Eating clean will eventually help those cravings disappear. No one is perfect but it’s a process to a better and healthier you.

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  1. So helpful! I love articles like this because your body is already telling you what you need and identifying cravings is super helpful! Thanks!


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