5 Party Themes You Need In Your Life This Summer

When the weather is warm and pleasant, there’s nothing better than having outdoor parties during the summer. Sadly, people think that if they don’t have a pool, they aren’t the best person to throw a BBQ. But they aren’t aware that it doesn’t even matter. You can still use the best summer 2019 party themes and have a great event for your friends and family! The best part about having a great summer theme is that it doesn’t matter if you have a pool or not!



Watermelon-themed parties are totally in season! Mainly because it’s the best time of the year to indulge in this delicious fruit. You can easily make a banner out of string and tissue paper that you can buy at the dollar store. Use different shades of green and white colors and cut it up to make tassels. You can also use the same colors for balloons and table settings. And of course, you need to have a few watermelon-type snacks and drinks. Luckily there are so many recipes to find on the internet that are super easy to make!



For some reason doughnuts have been the ultimate trend of the last few years, starting with the pool floats a few years back. But now, throwing full-blown, doughnut-themed parties is the new trend. Simple decorations such as pastel balloons to add to the bright season of summer, doughnut-shaped pool floats (including the ones that double as drink holders in water), pastel straws and table toppings, along with a variety of doughnut snacks will do the trick. You could even have cake pops on pastel-colored sticks to make for perfect décor and a quick snack.

Flamingo & Pineapple


The flamingo trend has been huge since the pool floats took over the world. And pineapples are just gaining decorative popularity, so it’s easy to combine the new fad with the old one. If you don’t have a pool, you can always buy super cheap cup-sized pool floats to throw on your table as decorations, while adding actual pineapples as well. Mix that in with floral or gold accents in your cutlery and you have yourself a summery bash that’s right on trend.

Tiki Party


We all wish we could afford to go to a nice beach, so build one in your backyard! You can make the big fanning leaves out of construction paper. Or get wall stickers at your local party store for a low price. You can also buy fake pink flowers and cut outs of pineapples (or get real ones) and decorate using those key pieces. Even adding differently colored pink or yellow balloons can help add the tropical spirit. Along with any funky shaped glasses or sunglasses to throw on a table to add to the carefree vibes. The rest of what you add can vary from pool floats to brightly-colored table cloths and plates.

With all of these ideas, how far out you go for hosting and preparing these parties is entirely up to you. But attention to details such as the color of table cloth or plates and cutlery are minor expenses. Yet they can help you pull together a theme effortlessly. You really only need a few big key pieces along with the smaller ones to get the theme across.

Additionally, these parties won’t break your budget either. And the great thing about a party is that you don’t even need to take care of all the cooking involved. You can ask guests to bring some dishes or snacks so you can focus on staying more on track with the theme. So don’t be afraid to take on the daunting task of hosting a summer party this year. You’ll make it the most Instagram-worthy party using any of these themes!

Feature image via Jakob Owens on Unsplash


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