Order Up: 5 Types Of Customers All Servers Have Dealt With

I’m not going to lie, being a server is the best summer job to have, especially if you’re a social butterfly like myself. But as with any job, serving has it’s downfalls. So here you have it ladies and gentlemen, I present to you what servers, such as myself, deal with on the daily.

1. The Easy Table

These tables are the ones who are easygoing and happy with everything you do. They have easy drink orders and would never complain about the food or the service. They tip you a solid 20 – 25%. These tables usually come at the start of your shift and are like the biggest tease before the awful main event. Just when you think your shift is going to go smoothly, the rest of the people come and shatter your dreams.

waitress reaction

2. The Complicated Orders

In my experience, this usually begins with something like “I’m gluten-free”. Response: “Okay, that’s no problem, we have plenty of options for you”. Then, after proceeding to go through the entire menu of gluten-free options, they begin to question everything else on the menu and figure out their own way to create their very own gluten-free meal. Like sure, of course you can change everything on the menu, why not? I’ve even had someone ask if they can bring their own lunch in… Like okay lady, why bother coming out in the first place?. And after being so damn accommodating, the complex order people reward you with a generous 25 cent tip.

3. The Yappers

These people are nice enough and all, but are overly friendly. These kind folks just want to talk your ear off and tell you their life story. Like “oh I don’t live around here but we come here all the time to look at the swans”. And I’m standing there running around like a crazy person, like sorry people I don’t have time for small talk. Then they come up to the cash register to pay and they’re still talking. This time, they want to know about your life. Like “oh are you a student?” “Have you worked here long?” Meanwhile there are a zillion other people lined up behind them and the kitchen is ringing the damn bell at you to pick up your order. Sorry chatty Cathy’s, but “ain’t nobody got time for that”.

4. The Needy People

These people are my favorite to talk about and my least favorite to deal with. They’re the people you love to hate. They’re the ones who treat you…well…like a server. Sure it’s the job title, but that doesn’t mean we appreciate it when you rudely snap your fingers at us to come over, or pointing that sassy index finger at your coffee mug when you want more. They also stop you every time you walk by, even when you clearly have a pile of dishes in your hands. You walk by after just having been at the table to ask is everything is alright and they say I’d like a refill.” Sure, I mean you could’ve said so when I asked thirty seconds ago, but let me just balance it on my head and forget about the dirty dishes I need to take to the back.

5. The Loungers a.k.a. The People Who Stay Forever

You can’t really hate on these people because they’re usually lovely and leave good money, but boy do they love to sit and stay all day. The worst part is when it happens with a big group and they take up your entire section for your entire shift. Even when they can clearly see it’s insanely busy, they remain seated as if we won’t ever need their tables again. I’m all about taking off my coat and staying a while, but I’d rather not sit at the same place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Server life is a struggle – but it’s a struggle I’m willing to take over any other boring summer job. At least I’ll always have a story to tell after a long work day which keeps my family, friends, and all of you entertained. To my fellow servers who are reading this – I salute you.

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