7 Reasons You Should Date An Old Soul

I consider myself to be an old soul, and I definitely think that I wasn’t born in the right century. It’s so frustrating trying to keep up with everything that is happening with the world, when all I want to do is just try and find myself. I don’t even have Instagram, that’s how much of a private person I am. I don’t think social media has a positive effect on our lives and being an old soul is sometimes very difficult in this technological era. However, I think it’s great to be an old soul and have different priorities and values that others can actually learn from. So here are five reasons why you should give the person with an old soul a chance.  

  1. They value the little things

It’s nice to know that there is someone out there who still gets excited when they get a letter in the mail. There are so many little things in life that go unnoticed that sometimes it’s important to be reminded that certain things in life should not be taken for granted. The fact that you have the whole world on one device, like your phone, can actually make you very close minded to the outside world. Staring at your gadgets all the time removes you from the real world and forces you to under appreciate the real things that matter.

  1. They don’t get hyped about clubs and partying all night

It feels like everyone needs to have plans Friday night into Sunday and also have a super packed weekend schedule. The old soul knows, however, that partying and staying up late is not what makes a weekend well spent. It’s important to realize that forcing yourself to go out and doing things as part of a crowd should not be a priority. The old soul will teach you to value the time you spend at home, and the time you spend with your family.

  1. They will not let social media define your relationship

The old soul in your life will teach you that it’s okay not to post everything on social media, or to make your life appear like something that it isn’t. It’s a common problem for millennials to get caught up in the social media world, to feel like they are missing out on life when their social media game is not on point. The truth is, we all have different priorities in life and we all have different hobbies, not everything has to be for show.

  1. There will be no “defining the relationship” stage

You don’t have to define the relationship with the old soul. After the first couple of dates, it will just be natural to consider that you two are together. It’s as simple as that. The old soul doesn’t like to play games. They don’t like to waste time on things that they don’t consider to be serious.

  1. You will see the beauty of not being materialistic

The old soul will teach you to not follow fads and to not spend your money on unnecessary things. They will definitely not spend their last cent on a designer bag just to look nice. They will make you appreciate thrift shopping and finding hidden gems in the outlet sections of your favorite stores. You will develop a new love for the word “vintage.”

  1. Communicating face to face

In this technological age, it’s sometimes tempting to catch up through messaging, but the old soul will teach you how important it is to take time out of your busy schedule for some real one on one time. They will even re-introduce the phone conversation in a new way. Let’s face it, a lot of us don’t even think about calling each other anymore, and that’s kind of really sad.

  1. Honesty will become one of your biggest priorities

You can always count on the old soul, to be honest with you. Making up excuses and being fake is not something that they have mastered. Giving good and honest advice, however, is something that an old soul is good at. They are usually wise beyond their years and hold a lot of knowledge about life that they are waiting to share with you.

It’s important to not get carried away by today’s fast paced world. It’s also important to take a second to reflect on everything that’s going on around you and reevaluate the little things we usually take for granted. The people with an old soul will certainly have an impact on your life by teaching you valuable lessons that are worth learning.

Featured image via Wictor Cardoso on Pexels


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