Venti Please: 21 Signs You Might Be A Full-Blown Coffee Addict

I know I’m not alone when I say this but I am addicted to coffee. What started out as a beverage to keep me awake during exam time has now turned into a lifestyle.

I can’t function at all without putting at least a cup of coffee in my system. Usually you’ll find me either on my way to get coffee or with a coffee in my hand. But it’s not always easy to be a caffeine addict. If you’re like me and in love with coffee then you’ll understand the struggle.

Waking up and not being able to function without that first cup of joe.

Sooooo sleepy….

Seriously, trying to do anything without caffeine first? Migraines and nausea..

Coffee. Stat.

When you have a shitty sleep and you can’t drink your coffee fast enough.

You’ve definitely wondered about hooking an IV up to a pot of coffee before.

Always running late because you can’t leave the house without finishing your coffee or getting it in the right travel mug.

The proper travel mug is almost more important than the coffee itself…HA, JK.

Never having free hands because…well, coffee.

I would rather struggle to open doors than put my coffee down.

Coffee is basically an accessory to you at this point.

Or an extension of your arm.

Having the most intricate coffee order.

Impressing others but annoying the barista.

When you’re having a bad day and you know coffee will fix all of your problems.

Well maybe it won’t but it’s definitely worth a shot.

When you go to a restaurant with horrible coffee but you drink it anyways.

Just add more sugar.

Your hangout plans are mostly limited to going out for coffee

It’s okay though, your besties are just as addicted as you are.

You silently judge your friends who say that they prefer tea…

Like what’s the point?

But you don’t discriminate against certain types of coffee.

Iced coffee? Latte? Macchiato? They all hold a place in your heart.

In fact you have a favorite drink for each season.

Looking forward to the winter, not because of Christmas, but because of the Starbucks Holiday menu.

When somebody ahead of you in line has the same order and you assume that you must be soul mates.


But when your BFF or boyfriend remembers your coffee order, that’s true love.

You may even put coffee before your SO.

When you’ve had a bit too much coffee so you’re slightly out of control.

Getting the jitters, sorry not sorry.

When somebody asks for a sip of your coffee.


Getting home after a long day without enough coffee.

Then wondering if sleep is more important than getting your daily fix. 

Most of your paycheck ends up being spent on Keurig pods, cute mugs, or you know… coffee.

People have also told you that you should work at Starbucks.

When somebody tells you that you drink too much coffee.

And your point is?

The only drink you adore as much as coffee is your end of the day true love: WINE.

But if they had coffee flavored wine or wine flavored coffee…

You love wine almost as much as you love coffee, but if you had to pick one, coffee would still be your #1.

Although some might call it an obsession, I just call it true love.

If you identified with any of these daily issues, then welcome to the club: you’re a coffee addict. Caffeine is proven to have many health benefits and according to studies, coffee drinkers are overall happier, more upbeat people so that’s alright with me.

Featured image via Pixabay on Pexels


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