How To Rediscover Your Style After Becoming A New Mom

When you become a parent, your entire life changes. On top of the physical and mental changes your body goes through, you may feel like you need to rediscover your sense of style, too. This may sound scary, but it’s surprisingly common and can be super fun! In fact, here’s how you can rediscover your personal style once you become a parent.

Love Every Inch of Your Body

There’s no magic trick to rediscovering your style after you’ve had a baby. Your feelings, thoughts, and insecurities won’t magically change or disappear overnight. However, you can start off on the right track by embracing and loving your body. 

Your mom bod represents a brand-new adventure in your life, and it is beautiful. So strip down and look at yourself in the mirror. Remember that your body is a roadmap of your life and you’ve earned every curve and every tiger stripe. Once you learn to love every inch of your body, the rest falls into place.

Wear Clothing That Makes You Feel Confident

Don’t think about the latest trends. Instead, focus on wearing clothes that increase your confidence and you are comfortable in. Whether it’s a maxi dress, a pair of jeans, or even a push up swimsuit, put on clothing that leaves you feeling gorgeous when you look in the mirror. As long as you feel amazing, you’ll look fantastic, too. 

Find the Balance Between Comfort and Style

Even though you want to look confident as a new mom, you deserve to be comfortable too. Tight jeans and crop tops might feel restrictive as you take care of your new child, and that’s okay. There are hundreds of ways to be stylish. 

In fact, you can absolutely combine comfort and style in a way that makes you feel like a million bucks. But if you’re happy sticking with track pants and plain shirts, that’s absolutely fine, too!

Pamper Yourself Often

It’s crucial to plan time for self-care once you have a child. Often, it’s all too easy to lose a bit of your identity as you get used to your new normal. Scheduling “me time” will allow you to center yourself and find some inner peace as well as give yourself the self-love you deserve. Feeling serene and at ease will always make you a better parent. 

There are all sorts of activities you can do to take care of yourself. However, gathering up a few at-home spa day essentials gives you the opportunity to pamper yourself right at home. Some facial magic, a little hair care, perhaps a manicure and pedicure will do wonders for you. By the time you walk out of the bedroom, you’ll no doubt feel drop-dead gorgeous, rested, and calm.   

Make the Most of Your Makeup Choices

Believe it or not, the cosmetics you choose can make you feel more stylish as well. Wearing makeup that makes you feel pretty is especially important after you become a parent. At times, you may feel wan or lackluster. All those sleepless nights are good for that. However, a little brow gel, some foundation or powder, and a dynamic lip gloss can transform you and increase your confidence.

Clean Out the Closet

It’s possible that parenthood will inspire your style to change entirely. This happens more than you might think. One way to ensure that you always feel your best is to comb through your closets and drawers to get rid of anything that no longer appeals to you. Replacing the clothing you throw away is another type of self-care. There’s something to be said about retail therapy, after all.

Dress Up When You Want To

Never wait for an excuse to dress to the nines. Wear your finest attire whenever you want, even if you’re just planning to enjoy hot dogs in the backyard or to head out to your favorite local diner. You deserve to feel lovely and glamorous whenever the mood strikes you, so don’t save your best for a rainy day.

Do you have any style tips for new parents? How did you rediscover your personal style?

Photo by Anastasiya Gepp from Pexels


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