17 Ways Bob’s Burgers Perfectly Describes Your College Life

If your spirit animal isn’t one of the infamous members of the Belcher family, then you need to rethink your television priorities. FOX’s Bob’s Burgers is home to some of America’s most beloved characters on television: Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise Belcher. Let’s not forget some hilarious side characters like Teddy or Linda’s sister Gayle. The family’s antics have had America in tears of laughter since 2011. This wacky, loveable family jumped into our hearts almost instantly and the crazy part is, they’re totally relatable. Doesn’t watching it make all of you college kids almost feel like you’re looking into a mirror?

Here’s every college kid’s life as told by 17 Bob’s Burgers gifs: 

  1. When you’re trying to get drunk but your friends aren’t in the mood to go out so you throw a fit. 
  1. Nuff said. 

  1. When your friends force you to go to campus events. 

  1. Going to the dining hall and sneaking food in your bag for later since you’re not supposed to take it out. 

  1. Trying to look hot at a party but failing miserably because you’re too drunk

  1. When a guy/girl you’re talking to turns out to be an asshole

  1. Getting distracted from homework/studying because of the internet. 

  1. Always looking for pizza

  1. When you thought taking 18 credits would be easy. 

  1. Occasionally getting a little help with your homework from Mr. Wine. 
  1. When someone asks you what your major is and you give them the truth of what you actually do. 
  1. When you get rejected from a club/bar. 
  1. When the person you think is cute starts to notice that your chair has moved one inch closer to them every class. 
  1. Re-reading your essay one last time before submitting it. 

  1. Having a bad experience at the dining hall (which is usually the case more often than not).
  1. When someone arrives with the party goods. 
  1. When you go through a variety of phases because college is about “finding yourself”. 

Admit it, we’re all a little bit of a mix of Louise-mischievous, Tina-awkward, Gene-wacky, Linda-wild, and Bob-annoyed from time to time. This show is on every night in my apartment and I’m not afraid to admit that I resonate on a personal level with boy crazy Tina and wine mom Linda. I can’t think of any family to better relate to as the crazy college kid that I am other than our beloved Belchers.

Featured Image Via Bob’s Burgers


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