10 TV Shows We Wish Never Ended

There I am, on a Thursday night, stuffing my face with popcorn patiently awaiting my favorite show to come on. With the remote in hand, I turn on the channel and wait in anticipation for all the drama to start. Everyone has those shows that we absolutely loved to watch every week. We would wait all week for that night when a new episode would air. Now, we can probably binge watch them on Netflix but that doesn’t give the same satisfaction or anticipation of a new episode.

1. One Tree HillOTH-gossip-girl-vs-one-tree-hill-1307820-1024-768 Nothing can ever beat this CW classic. We miss all the Naley drama, crazy nannies, and love triangles. Once Lucas and Peyton left the show, it didn’t seem as fulfilling but yet every week we would wait by our TVs for a new dramatic, soap-opera-esc episode to fill an hour of our time. Now, we can only binge watch old episodes with our best friends and stuff our faces with popcorn.

2. Gossip Girl
Gossip-Girl-season-4-poster-600x345I’m fairly sure everyone loved living vicariously through Serena, Blair, Nate, Dan, and Chuck. We all romanticized over a relationship like Chuck and Blair and hoped that one day we would have enough money to live in the Van Der Woodsen’s pent house loft. Hey, a girl can dream right? Now, we just fantasize about what Nate is doing in his spare time and hold onto the dream that someday we will be as fabulous as Serena.

3. Dexter
Everyday I hope for an announcement that Dexter is going to return to the small screen to continue killing bad guys and falling in love with murderous women — sounds so dreamy, huh? After the finale went off I was baffled. I still have so many questions that need to be answered. But, as we watched Dexter become a lumberjack after faking his death, we can’t help but wonder what would come next.

4. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
A total classic that I will watch reruns of forever. Then I’ll make my kids watch the reruns. Then I’ll make my grandkids watch the reruns. Nothing will every top this show. It’s mix of lessons, humor, and Will Smith. Duh, it’s a must see. Also it’s not on Netflix — uh, what?

5. Sex and The City
2agq90lWhile I’m sitting here hoping they decide to announce the making of a third installment to the Sex and The City movies, I’m non-stop watching reruns on the E! network. I feel the need to petition to get this on Netflix because it is one of the best shows on earth. Plus, we all want Carrie’s life, friends, husband, and the closet Big built her.

6. Friends
People keep teasing a reunion and I think that is very cruel and unfair. Every week we hear a new rumor, then someone says it’s not true. Well, I have a solution for all that: make a Friends movie and everyone will be happy.

7. Lost
While the show started to go awry and become increasingly confusing, I still never missed a new episode. Who didn’t love seeing polar bears on a tropical island? Maybe it’s because most of us wanted a different ending that we could just continue to watch the drama unfold but everyone was always rooting for Jack and Kate and won’t stop until it’s true.

8. Breaking Bad
BreakingBadThis is such a recently ending show that we still mourn its absence. We don’t miss the feeling that we needed to scream at Walter White every time a new episode aired though. We have such conflicting feelings about Walter getting into cooking meth for his family…We can’t decide whether to love or to hate him still to this day.

9. The Hills
Girls-of-the-Hills-the-hills-13889021-1008-487We all watched as Lauren Conrad grew from high school sweetheart to sophisticated entrepreneur while seemingly always having her heart broken. From Stephen to Brody, we loved to see those boys again and again. Plus, Lauren said so many things that I will still quote today…“The only thing to do is forgive and forget…I want to forgive you and I want to forget you.” Lauren made us all want to be her BFF and then crushed us when she left the show.

10. That ‘70s Show
Everyone was so happy when Mila and Ashton were going to have a baby together because it’s really what we all wanted out of the end of the show. Jackie, Kelso, Fez, Stephan, and Donna were the friends that we all truly wanted. And they could all date each other and then always seem to be completely normal and not awkward after breaking up, which is the dream, right?

When the show ends, we turn off the TV and get into bed. We lay, dreaming of luxurious lives or the futures of our favorite characters. After so long, the dreadful series finale is announced and our dreams have never been the same since.

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