Why Everyone Needs A Taurus As Their Best Friend

Taurus. The wandering bull. The most grounded of all the zodiac signs. Tauruses are the sign of the Earth, which is part of the reason they are considered to be grounded, practical, and realistic. The Taurus in your life may like gardening, cooking, music, or working with their hands. They may dislike sudden changes or insecurity. Tauruses make great friends because of the stability they bring to the friendship. Here are some additional traits that can make a Taurus a great friend:


A Taurus is always there when you need them. If you make plans, you better bet that they will be there. This also makes them a great coworker because you will never have to worry about them calling out just because they want to or feel like it. If you ask a Taurus to do it, and they agree, it will be done.


This trait is great if you need a shoulder to cry on and someone to vent too. They will almost never lose their cool with you. They can keep their poise in even the most difficult of situations, which is great especially when you are the complete opposite. They can help you keep your cool and avoid any major conflicts.


This doesn’t mean they aren’t dreamers, but they just dream within their means. They want to achieve things in the short run rather than the long run. They want to make sure whatever they are doing makes sense and can be achieved rather than dream something completely outrageous that will never happen. Their practicality will definitely keep your feet on the ground.


They have complete and absolute loyalty to you. They don’t believe in crossing you or upsetting you because you were the one that was always there for them. This loyalty is a great thing to have, especially if you have had a lot of bumps in past friendship. You can always be sure that a Taurus is in your corner.


Seriously, the Taurus in your group is probably also known as the “Mom” or “Dad” of your group. They are the responsible ones who makes sure nothing bad happens to anyone. They also make sure everyone’s doing well at all times because they feel like they are responsible for your health and safety. But face it, everyone loves the mom friend.


If your past friendships have been nothing but a rocky road, prepare for a change when you become friends with a Taurus. Since a Taurus prefers stability, they will make sure that your friendship is almost always stable as well. I could see this as being the biggest benefit to being friends with a Taurus because nothing will ever come as a surprise, and that stability is something that everyone could use in their life.

Can other zodiac signs be great friends as well? Absolutely! But hands down, those who are Tauruses have the best traits that could look for in a friend. So make sure you have a Taurus in your life and if you don’t, reach out to someone who is a Taurus on your Facebook and spark a friendship! I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Featured image via Gemma Chua-Tran on Unsplash


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