Guys Share What They Really Think About Girls Stealing Their Clothes

All of us ladies know that one of the most satisfying feelings is to walk around in a guys clothing, especially if it is a few sizes too big. There is something just so comforting about it. Plus, it’s a little exhilarating, wearing something you don’t own. Whether it’s borrowing a hoodie when you’re cold, or if you’re anything like me, when you spill coffee or spaghetti sauce all over your shirt, you grab something out of your boyfriend’s closet and feel content because it smells like him. It’s a comforting action.

All women I know love being able to do this, and I think it all started with the simple action of a varsity sports player giving his girlfriend his Letterman jacket to symbolize they were going steady. Oh my, how it has changed. The real question after all these years is what do guys think about girls stealing and wearing their clothing. So I asked my closest guy friends to answer a series of questions anonymously to see what their take on all of this was.

What do you think when a girl steals your clothing?

“Definitely depends on the girl. If it’s a stranger, I guess I got robbed and should curl up in a fetal position.”

“It’s honestly just really cute.”

“I think that when a girl steals your clothing it is a sign of endearment. They want a token to remember you by. But when they keep stealing them it could get annoying.”

“Cute, but she better have a plan to give it back.”

“It’s kind of a turn on seeing a girl steal my clothes because it shows me that she is comfortable around me.”

“For me, it’s no problem. I’m not super attached to my clothes and it’s cute when you see how small your girlfriend looks in your sweaters.”

What item of clothing in particular do you love to see a girl wearing that is yours?

“My hoodies.”

“If it’s got my name on it I love her wearing it because it might be her name later on.”

“Long T-shirts that she uses as night gowns haha.”

“Uh, probably like my hoodie or a hat. It’s playful when she takes my hat and tries to wear it but it’s too big.”

“Hoodie and/or sweatpants. It’s cute to see your woman in an oversized hoodie. Comfort over style any day.”

“I would love to see a girl wear my MisterWives sweater because it’s my favorite band and it will be big on a girl who looks cute.”

“Anything on the upper body is usually cute. :-)”

Any item that you are against them stealing? Do you have any pet peeves over any particular item?

“I feel like her taking my underwear would be weird…”

Jeans don’t work well.

“My work boots. Your dunkin donuts iced coffee doesn’t pay for itself you freeloader.”

“I’m pretty big on sharing so nah.”


“Nothing in particular but she always manages to take things that I especially like. Never the things I don’t care about.”

“My underwear, that’s just gross. Happened to me once during a hookup and it was freaky.”

“My Borat style swimsuit. Don’t touch the suit guuuuurllll!”

Any criteria for letting a girl wear/borrow your clothing?

“She has to return them! Yeah, returning is a must, please don’t wear my favorite of anything without asking and that’s it really.”

“There are times that are rare that I don’t get me clothes back but they mostly get returned back so I have no problem with doing so.”

“No one but my girlfriend.”

“If I’m seeing this girl again she can always have something.”

“Ask kindly. I’ll definitely let you use it.”

“If I wear it a lot then don’t take it.”

“A girlfriend can use my clothes with no obligation to return.”

“Ermmm just girlfriend. I’m pretty sure I’m still out a sweatshirt and some flannels from letting a random girl borrow them…like a friend sure because you’ll see them again and they’re good for it. But one night stand? Man, clothes are expensive.”

“Depending on who the girl is, I will allow a friend to wear something of mine. I would let a girl wear or borrow some clothes if we are in a relationship, as well as letting a girl who I’ve had a one night stand with just so they will have something comfortable to wear.”

“It’s fine unless I want to wear that article of clothing.”

I want it back. I don’t care if you borrow it but if I bought it, I want it back.”

So the results are in ladies, 9 times out of 10 your man won’t mind if you’re in a serious relationship, just ask first. And don’t make a move for his underwear, that is sacred ground to them it seems. Also, steer clear of his favorite items! Friendships seem to also be questionable territory, but if you’re a one night stand, only take the item if you know you will never seem them again. Or else risk the chance of developing bad blood. That’s up to you, but may the odds be ever in your favor and good luck with your small-scale thievery. 😉

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Pexels


  1. It depends on what she stealing for herself or for ex lover or just a friend… I had a girl give so much of my clothes away I started seeing peoples in my neighborhood wearing my clothes so if she win wearing them I’ll be concerned….

  2. But what if we’re just friends? And I didn’t steal it from him, I asked him if I could keep them and he was like, “Sure.”

  3. no, she can’t wear my clothes, I may offer her my jacket if she’s cold, but I’m taking it back once we are somewhere warm.

  4. Wow, whoever wrote this article is a Vapid Cunt. Good luck with your thievery? Hope you get fucking jumped on the street when you’re out on a night you vile shit. Women like you are making horrendous articles like this which are clearly heavily biased. Most guys don’t want you touching their shit, it’s fucking annoying. If you do it to the wrong guy, expect to get a black eye or lose a few teeth. Don’t touch or steal shit, and honestly if you are taking shit from people you are having one night stands with, I hope you get drugged and raped to death the next time you try to steal from someone on a one night stand. Kleptomanic bitch.

      • Wow. You are a total psychopath
        Whoever the fuck decides to date you, bless his/her heart.
        Because damn, wtf. You gotta be mentally unstable, was there really any need to be so damn rude, like damn, seriously, I had no idea men were so pissy with their girlfriends over small crap like this, dude, if she does this she might be feeling lonely asf at night and just needs a fucking reminder. I am so damn lucky my man isn’t a total d*ck head

        And besides, usually if they have common sense they only take one thing. That’s what i did. You unholy son of a b*tch

  5. If this isn’t satire, girls stealing hoodies and clothes is just flat out annoying. Not sure how to tell my gf to nicely fuck off because there’s NO FUCKING POINT. Yes I will give it to her if she’s cold no doubt, but why tf does she just “need” my sweatshirts. Her keeping a sweatshirt of mine is just super meaningless act of “cuteness”. It ain’t cute. It’s her high school rom com fairytale but it doesn’t at all, I mean AT ALL measure how much you like someone.

  6. nah, id let my girl wear anything of mine. literally. i love her so much and i actually do think its kinda hot. when i get it back, i cant help but think about her wearing it.


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