How To Deal With Being The Youngest In Your Office

Girl, flaunt what you got now while you’re young.

I love being in my early twenties, but I hate being the youngest at my work. This never bothered me until I started my job. I have this one co-worker, who is almost triple my age and she treats me like crap. One day, a lady from my work told me I get treated differently because of my age. Shocking? Yes! It is tough being the youngest in the office, and working with people older than my parents.

Here are some tips I have to help you deal with it:

Make Them Feel Wiser.

This is my main go-to. If someone tells me something I already know, I’ll pretend I don’t. Let’s be serious, most older co-workers think us twenty-somethings are bratty, know-it-alls, and are only here to steal their jobs. I find asking for advice, and opinions, make these people respect you because they realize we are fresh out of school and still learning. Also, think about this, generation y easily adapts to new environments, people older than our parents don’t. They are stuck in their own ways, and will probably have a hard time accepting you.

Find Something To Talk About.

It’s hard finding a common interest with someone half your age. When I first started my job, I used to try and think about conversation starters. I’m not married, I don’t have kids, and I don’t gossip. So, what’s next to chat about? Well, I love children, so I used this to my advantage with those in my building who have nieces and nephews. I also go out of my way to ask these people how their weekends were, or how their night was. This allows us to have something to chat about!

Ask For Advice.

Even if you don’t need it! Asking older co-workers for advice acknowledges their experience in the work field. I think this is a win-win situation, they are happy, and you get to chat with someone you struggle to strike up a conversation with. If you don’t want to ask advice about your job, you can ask for advice on dinner ideas, or what to do on the holiday, anything like that!


If all else fails, bake something and bring it in. Share it with your older co-workers. I’m sure they enjoy treats. Like they say, a way to a man’s heart is with food… Maybe, this could imply for older people too.

If you try all of these things and they don’t work, don’t be down on yourself. Sometimes people are truly miserable. Don’t take it personally, they probably just hate their job. Let’s just all hope they go on vacation soon.

Featured image via Mimi Thian on Unsplash


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