As If: 10 Ways 90s Kids Live Differently

A ‘90s kid is a whiz with computers and also with the art of creating fun with a yard, some sticks, and an imagination. We grew up with handwriting class in primary school, with the absence of Angry Birds and with a longing desire for the latest and greatest technology – those moon shoes that you saw on TV every time you were watching The Weekenders. (Come to think of it, I never actually got those, dammit).


Being born in the 90s has shaped us and here are some things that we have carried into our everyday lives as young adults:

  1. You aren’t opposed to coordinated dance creations with friends.giphy (10)
  2. You will throw out the occasional “brb” a la MSN messenger through text (and expect your friends to understand.)giphy (3)
  3. When you must enter the school library, you actually know how to find and retrieve a book with little assistance.giphy (12)
  4. Whenever you do a skipping workout you always find yourself thinking of “Jump Rope for Heart” for the Heart and Stroke Foundationgiphy (4)
  5. You find yourself actually pausing in the grocery aisle next to Dunkaroos, Fruit Gushers, Fruit by The Foot, or Lunchables with the natural inclination to want to buy them.giphy (1)
  6. “Ignition” by R. Kelly can simply make your hips move on the first note.giphy (2)
  7. We aren’t completely against wearing denim on denim.landscape-1441034148-elle-denim-awards-show (1)
  8. The Britney costume is still the number one back-up costume every Halloween.article-2423597-1BE11B56000005DC-834_634x444
  9. We still fully identify with our designated spice girl from your group of besties at age 10. “I was always Sporty Spice.”giphy (11)
  10. We are consistently impressed with new technologies, because we still remember riding our bike to Jessica’s house to see if she was available to hang. Or being frustrated when our CD’s were scratched and wouldn’t play in our Walk-mans.


Life as a ’90s kid will always be a little interesting because we got the best of both worlds – living in an era without all the technology hype, and now living within one. Will this mean when we are wrinkled at 75 our grandchildren will think the Twerk is about as sexy as we think the disco shuffle is? Probably. I mean look at us, we are already getting outnumbered on Instagram likes by the 15-year-old! (who might I add – was born in 2001.)

Do you feel old yet?

Featured Image via Clueless Screengrab.


  1. When you want to slap someone in the face every time they say 90s kids on computers or used CD Walkmans. Tapes still existed.


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