7 Reasons Grocery Shopping Is The Best Kind Of Retail Therapy

There are so many struggles that come with being an adult and the biggest one of all is the in-between phase. Are you a young adult, in a post-college haze, running circles around your new coworkers every weekend? Or are you the responsible kind of adult who pays bills and makes their coffee at home each morning? One of the tipping points to the latter option is the fact that you may now enjoy going to the grocery store more than you enjoy a trip to the mall. It’s a sign. You’re crossing over. But here’s why it’s okay to want to spend more on food than fabric.

  1. It keeps you alive

Food literally saves your life. It may seem that buying a new outfit for a party will solve life’s problems, but all it does is provide momentary satisfaction. You’re lookin cute; you score a hook up. But that’s only one night. Food will give you nutrients to keep you from getting sick while walking outside in a mini skirt and give you strength to dance at the aforementioned party.

  1. You don’t have buyer’s remorse about it in a month

When you get that box of pasta or that gallon of ice cream, you will use it quickly enough to not regret it. After a dress has a few wears, it sits in your closet and gets forgotten about. That’s $100 gone. $100 at the grocery store is a month’s worth of cereal, coffee supplies, eggs, chips, frozen pizza, and chocolate bars to hide for when Aunt Flo visit.

  1. You won’t feel bad about yourself while in the store

Unlike when you’re bombarded by salespeople at a retail chain, no one bothers you at the grocery store and you get to keep your clothes on. There isn’t any let down when nothing looks good or doesn’t fit right because food is not for the outside of your body, but rather for the inside.

  1. It provides entertainment for friends and family

Who doesn’t love visiting grandparents and seeing a freshly made sandwich? Or going to pregame down the hall and having snacks? You can be the friend who has the best potluck dish for the tailgate. Clothing can only be enjoyed by those looking at you or friends that are your size.

  1. You save money in the long run

Going to the mall is an easy way to drain your bank account with impulse buys. And while you’re out having your retail therapy day, you’ll need a coffee, then lunch. Ingredients for that meal at the grocery store would be the same price for twice the amount of food. You can’t fall in love with heels and a purse at the grocery store either.

  1. You are prompted to try new things

Look at the recipes on the labels, look at other people’s carts, google a random vegetable and you’re bound to be inspired to create a feast. Just like buying something with money you earned yourself, cooking a meal on your own makes it that much more delicious.

  1. It is a more enjoyable couple activity

Bae isn’t always down to watch you try on tops that look the same as ones you already own. Grocery shopping together still may not be the best date idea but it does lead to canoodling in the kitchen and practicing some teamwork skills.

There are many ups to time spent in the fluorescent lit aisles of your local grocery store. Becoming an adult doesn’t mean you can only spend money on food, but it does mean you’re going to learn how to spend a bit more wisely when it comes to clothes. Retail therapy is physically, and fiscally, exhausting.

Featured image via RF._.studio on Pexels 


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