7 Reasons The MTV Movie Awards Completely Sucked

After 25 years of practice, the MTV Movie Awards should be able to get it right … but they failed to do so this time around. With forced jokes from normally hilarious Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, the whole ordeal had me laughing maybe twice. And that was when Ryan Reynolds made a joke about him and Blake’s sex life and then again when Zac Efron knelt down to talk to Seth Rogen’s testicles.

Aside from the subpar hosting, the 2016 MTV Movie Awards let viewers down in other ways as well.

  1. The fact that the winners were announced yesterday. How is it worth watching if we already know the outcome? Poor planning. Live television is always more enticing and has the possibility for much greater scandals.
  2. Zac Efron kept his shirt on. What was the point of even having him present?
  3. The lack of musical performances. I know this is based on movies, but it’s also on MTV. Three acts was not enough.
  4. The excessive amount of swearing. MTV has always been a loose cannon with NSFW ceremonies but the constant profanities got old very quickly.
  5. No one dressed up except for Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Queen Latifah, and the new girl in Now You See Me 2. Amy Poehler was legitimately wearing a Mickey Mouse tee shirt. Will Smith was in jeans. What a boring red carpet photo shoot.
  6. The staged make out between Bumper and Fat Amy after winning Best Kiss. Wasn’t it here we saw such passion from Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams? We can never forget Madonna and Britney Spears locking lips either. Despite how hilarious Adam and Rebel are on screen, their reenactment was an act we’ve all seen before.
  7. With the outdoor set and round stage, no one knew where to walk off after accepting their popcorn. It was dizzying to see the guest walk in circles as the camera panned away.

But all the hating aside, we did see a few exclusive clips of upcoming movies and The Lonely Island had reunion in honor of Will Smith. Hopefully they have learned their lesson and the 26th MTV Movie Awards will be better.

Featured Image Via MTV


  1. The 2016 mtv awards sucked because The force awakens is an absurd (and a really bad) movie. The force awakens has not heart. Why this really bad movie won the mtv award of ‘best picture’? The Martian was a better film!!!!!!! JJ Abrams ruined Star Wars. Sorry.


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