Zac Efron Gave Ellen A Lap Dance And You’ll Wish More Than Anything It Was You

Obviously we were all DEVASTATED when we found out that Zac Efron was not going to be at the High School Musical Reunion. But, our good old friend Ellen DeGeneres made sure that no one went home empty-handed this week. Zac Efron was on her show to promote his new movie called Dirty Grandpa, which also stars Robert DiNiro. Thankfully for all of us, her and Zac played her classic game, Head’s Up, and well…things got real sexy, real fast.

She launched right in with the first word being lap dance and obviously that could only be guessed by a demonstration. The game continued on with Tinder, making out, a delightful twerk, skinny dipping, and handcuffsSo despite the fact that we thought we were going to be missing a whole lot of Zac in our lives, we’re so glad that he Got His Head In The Game with Ellen.  

Featured Video via YouTube.


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