6 Ways To Plan The Best Solo Vacation Of Your Life Right Now

March 1st marks Plan A Solo Vacation Day. I know that the thought of doing anything alone scares the living daylights out of most people, but there are a TON of simple ways to make solo vacationing easy, safe, and fun! I’ve rounded up 6 ways to vacation solo that range from the super simple and cheap to the more extravagant and adventurous.

1. Take a day off and unplug from the world

Yes, I pulled the stay-cation card. Sometimes, we could all just use a day dedicated to unwinding and having complete alone time. Pick a day and let everyone know that you will be unplugging from the world and focusing on you. Turn off your phone, tuck all of your electronics out of sight, and just spend the day with yourself. Sleeping in, having your favourite cup of tea, catching up on your TV shows, or giving yourself a mani/pedi. Whatever you choose, we could all use a day dedicated fully to self-care.

2. Book a cottage just for yourself

AirBnB has a ton of options for you to explore. Whether it’s a cottage a few hours away or in a completely different state, picking somewhere that isn’t home will provide a great change of scenery and a chance to spend some quality “me time” with yourself. And, if staying at a cottage isn’t your speed, you could always pick a trendy condo or a family home to allow yourself to get away from your own daily routines.

3. Go to a bed and breakfast

I will be the first to admit that bed and breakfast screams couples getaway, but it doesn’t have to! Most bed and breakfasts are located in charming older homes, overseen by an equally as charming older couple. You will get a delicious breakfast provided, the perfect start to your day after having a relaxing sleep. As an added bonus, many B&B’s will also have a ton of reading material on hand, and may even have a few adorable pets milling about!

4. Join an organized travel tour

This past summer, I went on a Contiki trip with my best friend. It was incredibly comforting to have her nearby, but I made so many friends on the trip that I didn’t even really need her there (for the record, I’m really happy you were). There are a number of travel companies that cater to young adults (like Contiki or G Adventures) that offer trips around the world. Whether you’re into adventure seeking trips, or the more standard hotel and hostel experience, there is sure to be a trip for you!

5. Try out WOOFing or couch surfing

This is definitely not for the faint of heart. Both of these trip experiences require you to be comfortable staying with people you don’t know. Couch surfing is exactly what it sounds like. People across the world who are willing to have you crash on their couch post to couchsurfing.com (for peace of mind, I would recommend staying with a verified host!) The best part about this travel option is that your stay is completely free. WOOFing on the other hand, is for people who are willing to work for their stay. If you choose a WOOFing experience, you will live and learn on an organic farm. In exchange for your volunteer work on the farm, the host will provide you with food, accommodations, and learning experiences.

6. Go to Disney

I hope you are taking me seriously, because this is probably one of my favorite solo vacationing opportunities. Where better to spend your solo vacation than at Disney, which is the happiest place on Earth? A friend of mine recently spent a week alone at Disneyland, and judging by her pictures, she had the time of her life. The Disney staff are incredibly warm and friendly, the hotels are immaculate, and the rides will transport you into another world. As an added bonus, many rides offer a single riders line, which is a sure fire way to get to the front of the line a heck of alot faster! And if you ever feel like you’re getting lonely, you always know that Mickey or Minnie will be around to cheer you up!

Whether you’re looking for a one day getaway or a longer experience, everyone can find a solo vacation that fits their needs. Don’t let anybody convince you that travelling requires somebody by your side. At the end of the day, as long as you do your research, you will be able to find a perfect vacation that is both safe and enjoyable. So go on, pack your bags and head off on your next adventure!

Featured image via Jaxson Bryden on Pexels


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