60 People Share What They’d Do If They Switched Sexes For A Day

When it comes to seeking out new perspectives and trying new things, only seldom do we find ourselves actually seeing the world from the other side. When it comes to the gender spectrum, we have the capabilities of changing our minds. What would we do if we could see life from the other side?

When 60 people were asked what they would do in a day as the opposite sex, the topic answers were relatively sexual, and quite hilarious.

Spending the day as a man surely left a generic response to most ladies who really didn’t mind the possibility, all of which almost gladly took to their imaginations in choosing what they would do.

The top three choices overall for the ladies who could see themselves spending a day in mens’ shoes were:

1. Explore the life of a man

When it comes to exploring a man’s body from inside out, women thought of answers not only based on physical aspects but also emotional thoughts. They wanted to know the differences of the feeling of sex and masturbation, but also how it would feel to go around trying on suits. Also, ladies wondered if they would have the same level of conflict as they would for a typical day of dress or shoe shopping. Answers on exploring the body involved: trying to pee standing up and playing around with vocals to see how deep/ low their voices can get.

2. Sit at my computer like I normally would

The ladies really stayed calm during their surveys as almost all of them stated that they would feel pretty normal and go about their daily routine – if they had the day off. A typical day off that would primarily involve sitting at their computer. Watching Netflix, chilling without wearing pants, and attempting video games were among the contenders that went along with sitting by the computer. Frankly, this would probably be me as well.

3. Having Male Privilege

Almost all the ladies that were polled had been taken aback by the thought of the common response, “Male Privilege,” but none of them questioned the answer or brought up any conflict surrounding the option. All of the ladies who did wish to speak about Male Privilege stated, “well, it’s true,” and continued on with no further comments.

And now the table turns…

When it came down to the guys imagining themselves changing into a lady for a day, their answers were a bit hound-ish but they made some sense of it all.

The top three answers man – ladies chose for their imaginary day were:

1. Sex Related

The number one result from this survey involved a massive response rate to answers relating to sex. Every single male answer included experimenting with sex, trying masturbation, and even attempting to find the clitoris. There were also unanimous votes when it came to playing with boobs; as my parents would say, “boys will be boys.”

2. Go to a bar

There were a lot of guys who said that they wanted to hit up the bar in their imaginary lady life to see what normal activities they could live through differently. Many of them mentioned their curiosity as to how they could “play hard to get to see what it’s like” from the other side. When the act of playing hard to get may or may not be intentional, a lot of guys really think a little too much into it; especially in bars,clubs and the like. Being able to see how women may or may not intentionally play hard to get may open some men’s eyes to a better reaction in those situations.

There were quite a few who also mentioned that they wished to “try to score free drinks.” In media, the free drinks ordeal may be a little more common, but it never hurts to try!

3. I would take note of how people treated me differently, experience what it’s like to be an emotional thinker, and attempt to understand how women reason.

Now this choice was my personal favorite answer, not to mention, the most intellectual answer of the entire survey. A few votes were placed on this anonymous voter’s long text and I’m proud to see someone say it. Many women face different scenarios as their male counterparts in almost every aspect of their daily lives. From jobs to classes, and even daily walks, females are always treated differently in both positive and negative ways. I hope one day these men do take this popular option into account when they’re with some ladies, as we are treated differently, think differently, and reason differently.

Observing how ladies reacted neutrally throughout the entire survey, it’s easy to say that they wouldn’t mind taking the day off from makeup and hair dos. On the other hand, men were trying to question how or why they had been changed to a lady and asking when or how they could change back, as if they were scared of the possible event. Not many of these answers are found to be surprising but I am surprised at how many people put them into their own words and shared their thoughts.

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