A Letter To The Girl Who Doesn’t Believe She Is Beautiful

Dear girl who doesn’t believe she is beautiful, I know who you are. You’re the one who looks in the mirror and immediately looks away because you don’t want to stare at that imperfections you’re convinced that you have. You’re the one who can’t stand to see a reflection of yourself from the window on your bus, or as you walk by that building, whose windows seem to act as unflattering mirrors.

Far too often, you tell yourself that “beautiful girls are supposed to have flat stomachs.” You’re the one who thinks that beauty is only skin deep and deem yourself unattractive. You read every quote on how valuable inner beauty is, but you aren’t able to believe it yet. When your friends are down, you are the one who is a champion for self-love, but still do not love yourself .

I hope you know that you are not alone in this.

There’s an entire army of women standing alongside you with every step you take. I hope you can feel every ounce of our love and support every time you try to say something nice about yourself. From when you get all dolled up for a beautiful first date to when you do everything in your power to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones, you are not alone.

I hope you recognize the amazing personality and drive that you possess, and I hope you are brave enough to embrace them with grit and compassion. You may not look like cover models (which are beautiful thanks to Photoshop most of the time), but your inner-beauty far outshines all the superficial and shallow people in our world. I promise you one day, you will recognize how timelessly beautiful you are. How your personality will be the very reason why someone will want to marry you, how your humor will be the brightest light in their life, and how your smile can easily turn their rainy days into sunny ones.

My darling girl, you are so much more than your looks.

You are more than the clothes you wear, the friends you have, or the image you want so desperately to portray. You are a bright beam of light to those who love you, a source of motivation to those who look to you for help, and a form of warmth to everyone that meets you. I need you to remember the work you put towards how you feel about yourself on the inside. It’s worth more than what you construct of yourself on the outside.

Remember that outer beauty fades and inner beauty stays. Nothing can cover up an unattractive personality. I hope you recognize what makes you truly beautiful. The things that make you smile, that can instantly calm you down when you’re mad, the things that help you to stay positive, and the things that can make someone love you with all their might.

Photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash


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