6 Makeup Crimes You Should Never Commit

I know I’m not alone when I scroll through the popular page on my Instagram, excitedly looking at each new beautiful face that pops up, drooling over their perfectly done makeup.

Sadly, the population of women who actually know how to do their makeup is the minority. And more often than not, I’ll see beautiful women posting photos of them with absolutely horrid makeup. And I just want to reach into my phone, take away their eyeliner, and tell them that it will all be okay.

Here are 6 makeup no-no’s that you absolutely need to stop doing right now:

1. Blue Eyeshadow

I don’t know in what world people over the age of 14 felt like this was okay, but it seriously needs to stop. I’ve seen a few people over the past few years wear blue eyeshadow unironically. There are very few people who can actually pull it off. And when they DO pull it off, it’s because the blue is incorporated into a smokey eye or something similar.

2. Winged eyeliner that extends below your eye

This is literally such an abomination to me. Winged eyeliner can be stunning, but only when done right. And this is not doing it right. If you feel the need to connect your bottom lash-line eyeliner to your wing, you need to put down the felt tip eyeliner and back away slowly because in no world is that okay.

3. Obscene amounts of blush

Gone are the 50’s, where women would wear bright pink blush from the apples of their cheeks up to their hairline above their cheekbones. Blush is a beautiful thing, I’m not denying that. But it belongs on the apples of your cheek and that is all. And seriously, be sparing. A little blush goes a loooooooooong way.

4. Almost-unibrows

Okay, first I’ll congratulate all of you on having two separate eyebrows. However, your eyebrows shouldn’t extend past the corner of your eye. Once they do, I honestly can’t take my eyes off the giant caterpillars that have taken over your face.

5. Foundation that’s darker than your skin

We all know that this is wrong. And no matter how much I wish for a sun-kissed glow, I know that when I head to the foundation aisle, I’m getting ivory and I’m proud and the rest of you need to start following in my footsteps.

6. Lip liner darker than your lipstick

I feel like everyone knows this isn’t attractive, and luckily, not many millennials are seen sporting this tragedy. So if your mother is the victim of this makeup crime, please steal all her lipliner tonight while she’s sleeping. She’ll thank you eventually, and so will the rest of the world.

Makeup is an absolutely wonderful tool. Whether you wear it everyday or almost never, you still need to adhere to the basic rules of makeup. By avoiding these 6 things, you’ll be much less embarrassed 20 years down the road when your children look through your old Facebook photos, because at least your makeup will be on point.

Featured image via Laura Garcia on Pexels


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