4 Tried-And-True Tips That’ll Help You Get Over Your Ex

Breakups happen all the time, and they suck. No matter how long you and your partner have stayed together, how many milestones you’ve hit, or what you’ve both endured together, all breakups take their toll on you both emotionally and physically. It’s incredibly hard to get over your ex.

However, I have four tips that may help you work through your feelings post-breakup. Try these out and see if you can find one that helps you get over your ex.

1. Go for a walk. 

Get outside and allow the cold air to hit your skin. The fresh air will help you feel alive after you’ve secluded yourself in your bedroom for so long. The darkness will lift, and suddenly, you’ll feel free. You’ll no longer wonder what your ex is doing or stew over your final conversation with them because you’ll feel present . So get out of the house and take a walk – you won’t regret it!

2. Consider reality.

Remember that love doesn’t automatically provide happiness. Also, accept that you can’t force someone to love you no matter how hard you try. If the spark just wasn’t there or the feelings were no longer mutual, there is no use in trying to rekindle your relationship over and over. Stop beating yourself up, and instead focus on everything that is waiting for you out in the universe.

3. Pamper yourself.

I know that it’s hard to even get out of bed when your heart feels this broken, but hop in the shower and wash your hair anyway. Lather up all of your thoughts while you scrub your hair, then wash those lingering emotions away and let them disappear down the drain. You’ll feel lighter, cleaner, and more peaceful… both literally and figuratively.

4. Remember that this heartache is temporary.

Rupi Kaur’s poem, The Middle Place, includes a wonderful section that describes exactly how breakups feel. ”The middle place is strange. The part between them and the next is an awakening from how you saw how you will see. This is where their charm wears off, where they are no longer the god you made them out to be. When the pedestal you carved out of your bone and teeth no longer serves them. They are unmasked and made mortal again.” This poem reminds us that one day, none of this will matter. Eventually, we move on, even from the worst breakups. I promise that you will survive this heartbreak!

Sadly, there is no timeline for getting over a breakup, but hopefully these tips will help you heal. You will accept the breakup and move on when you’re ready. Remember that although this breakup devastated you, it will not destroy you. You are strong enough, smart enough, lovely enough, and tough enough to survive this. One day, you’ll barely think of your ex anymore and you’ll find someone who loves you even more, too. You will meet your “person” when the time is right, so don’t give up on yourself!

Feature Image by Samantha Gades on Unsplash


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