5 Low-Key Amazing Vacation Places You Never Thought To Visit

I love traveling as much as any millennial girl with an Instagram, but my favorite part about traveling is discovering sights that most tourists aren’t drawn to, traveling the unbeaten path.

Here are five off-the-grid destinations you should check out if you get the chance this year.

Cape Town, South Africa

Imagine bungee jumping into into Victoria Falls one day and roaming a wildlife reserve with lions and giraffes. This is what South Africa has to offer. You can go hiking, lounge on the beach and see wildlife that may be extinct within our lifetime.

Africa is an overly abundant continent full of natural wealth, and South Africa is a great destination to check out this year to unleash the inner adventurer in you.

What The Festival in Oregon

Do you remember field day as a kid? It’s the last day of school and you’re running around trying to get your crush to sign your yearbook and splashing your friends with water guns.

Well, welcome to What The Festival, a field day for adults. This place is located 90 miles east of Portland. Every time I look at pictures from this festival it awakens my inner hippie. If you can imagine a week raging in a huge pool, hula hooping by day and stargazing by night with chill step in the background, this place is just for you. I’ll see you there, purchasing my ticket now!

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Sea lions, flamingos, iguanas, oh my!

Picture yourself seeing an animal or plant that you have never seen before in your life. Better yet, it doesn’t exist anywhere else. Imagine snorkeling and kayaking in waters as blue as the sky. This is what the Galápagos Islands has to offer. No wonder Charles Darwin loved this place. Also it’s right near the equator so you can get your tan on while getting acquainted with amazing wildlife.

Richmond, Virginia

I feel like Richmond is the middle child that everyone forgets about. When people think of Virginia, they only think of University of Virginia, but Richmond is a cool city. The eclectic street art and antiques you can find in Richmond are one of a kind. If you’re a history buff, Richmond is home of the Museum of the Confederacy, Virginia Holocaust Museum, and beautiful botanical gardens.

I think people forget that the United States, your own backyard, has some of the most amazing sights you could see, and Richmond is one of those cities. So, if you are too broke to book a flight right now, plan an inexpensive road trip now.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a city that takes you back into medieval times. The neo-Baroque architecture is a feature you cannot find in the United States. I think is my favorite characteristic about Europe; it takes you back in time. Did I also mention the Széchenyi thermal bath?

Budapest is inexpensive to travel to with airline tickets less than $800 throughout the year. Meet amazing Hungarian people, party in clubs and discover a country with culture that you cannot find in other parts of Europe.

Traveling to obscure places is fun because you can share experiences with people who have never been to these cities and they gain an interest in your travels. Don’t get me wrong, traveling to the typical Paris and Barcelona is fun, but stepping out of your comfort zone and discovering different cities around the world can open your eyes to new people, cultures and adventures.

Featured image via Te lensFix on Pexels


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