10 Underrated Places To Buy Cute And Affordable Workout Clothes

Whether you actually work out or want some comfy digs to lounge in, having that perfect pair of yoga pants, a loose-fitting t-shirt with a snarky saying, and a feels-like-you’re-wearing-nothing sports bra is essential for every girl to have. The problem with workout clothes? The price tag. Popular brands such as Nike and Lululemon, typically charge $45 or more for a sports bra! I know first hand, finding good quality and cute workout clothes can sometimes feel impossible, but there are a few companies out there where you can really hit the jackpot and find trendy clothes for a cheap price. Here are my top ten:

1. Target

Whether shopping online or in-store, Target is the top on my list because they have all the workout essentials you could possibly need. Some of my favorite products they sell include their huge selection of racerback sports bras, running shorts, and the world’s most comfortable seamless workout leggings. Their sweat-resistant sports bras range in price from around $16.99-24.99 and they last forever!

2. Forever 21

Since I started shopping at Forever 21 five years ago, I have learned that there is nothing that I can’t buy at there. Forever 21’s activewear collection has everything ranging from basic workout tops, yoga pants, and running pullovers to eccentric mesh-paneled leggings and neon headbands. No matter what you’re looking for, if they don’t sell it, then it probably doesn’t exist. Also, their workout is super inexpensive. The leggings pictured above are only $12.90 and their sports bras range in price from $7.90 to $14.90.

3. Old Navy

Often overlooked, Old Navy is a hidden goldmine for activewear. When I first starting buying their workout clothes a few years ago, I was shocked with how comfortable and seriously affordable they were! Their workout capris and tanks are extremely affordable, comfortable and are perfect for just about any workout routine. You can pick up a pair of capris for as low as $16.00 and pair them with the perfect loose-fitting workout tank for only $8.00!

4. Marshall’s

It may or may not be taking all of my self-control to not over exaggerate how much I LOVE Marshall’s. Whether it be for a pair of Adidas running shorts or a new Nike sports bra, I am always checking out the amazing deals that Marshall’s has to offer. Their selection of discounted name brand workout clothes is not only huge, but it changes daily. (Pictured above: Sports Bra: $12.99, marked down from $18; Leggings: $16.99, marked down from $24.)

5. Boohoo

I’ll admit, until a couple of months ago, I had never heard of Boohoo. Not only are their clothes inexpensive, but their site is always offering an added discount on top of that!! Their selection of workout clothes is not only quite large, but they are really cute too. They have the greatest selection of patterned sports bras, slim fit leggings, and trendy muscle tanks that will be sure to keep you sweatin’ in style. Buy the tank pictured above and others like it on their site for only $14.00.

6. Missguided

Don’t let the name of this brand fool you because I am definitely not “misguiding” you to their website. Featuring geometric patterned leggings, cross-back crop tops, and neon pink sports bras, their all new activewear collection has the hottest products that are inexpensively priced from around $15.00-$30.00. Check out this highly underrated brand and you’ll be strutting in the gym with confidence.

7. Aerie

No workout wardrobe is complete without at least one product from Aerie. Their line of activewear has by far some of the most comfortable sports bras, hoodies, workout tops, and yoga pants on the market. Their sports bras are never priced higher than $29.95 and the yoga pants typically run between $19.95-$29.95. Protip: Buy their sleepwear and use it for both workout and lounge gear. It’s less expensive and the material is super soft and comfortable.

8. H&M

I have recently had a bit of an obsession with H&M. Can you really go wrong with a brand that has David Beckham in their advertisements? Aside from that, H&M has remarkably good quality sportswear for an extremely low price. The irresistibly cute yoga top pictured above is made of super soft fast-drying material and is only $29.99. If you haven’t had the chance to check out their sportswear collection, I recommend taking a second to do so.

9. Aeropostale

With sports hoodies ranging in price from $16.00-$22.00, sweat-resistant workout tees for $10.00, and the perfect pair of basic yoga pants for only $14.00, this is the perfect place to find your essential workout gear for less. Aeropostale has a hidden gem chest of trendy, inexpensive, and basic workout gear that comes in a plethora of colors, patterns, and styles.

10. Fabletics 

Did we mention the first outfit is only $25? Kate hudson’s line of activewear is full of unique criss-cross bras and high quality leggings in every style/color. Totally affordable and the VIP club will customize new outfits for you every month based off a style-quiz that you take when you sign up! Customized style straight to my email? Yes please.

Now that you know eight of my go-to stores for cute and inexpensive workout clothes, you can get your sweat on while feeling like you look a million bucks without actually having to spend that much. Maybe you just need a new pair of yoga pants and a comfy hoodie to throw on before running out the door to your 8 AM class. Whatever your purpose, this list will help you find the cutest, trendiest, and cheapest workout clothes on the market. One more thing I forgot to mention: most of these stores offer a student discount. Who knew your college ID could be used in other ways than admission into your dining hall?

Featured image via Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels


  1. Thanks for the list! I think Lulu lemons is way overrated and overpriced. I know everyone that wears it loves it, but it’s just so pricey. This is a great list!

  2. Fabletics is my personal choice, Vibrant colors and loads of comfort and support. I have been wearing their active clothes for some town now and I am not going anywhere else now.

  3. Thank you for the list.I would like to add one more that is massive action sports and fitness through which I used to buy gym clothes online and they have a wide collection of both female and male gym apparels.


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