What 15 Straight Men Had To Say About Male Lingerie

So there’s this new thing; men’s lingerie. You may be wondering, what the heck is that? Unconventional, racy, and pretty controversial. Don’t be too appalled if your boyfriend comes home with a lacy man-thong; this trend isn’t that out of the ordinary, and it’s only a matter of time before the movement blows up.

So, is this a realistic trend in practice? Not every guy is confident enough to rock some of these styles, and many still have a hard chip on their shoulder toward masculinity in the bedroom. We took our questions and put them to the test by asking straight men what they thought about wearing lingerie. Here’s what they had to say:

Rick, 20  

“Yes. I feel like the bedroom is a private space, and it gives me something to bring home to my girl, so I can ‘surprise’ her. Not too sure how it would actually turn out though.”

Brad, 21

“No. I think it’s weird and creepy. I already don’t think girls’ lingerie is really necessary but then me in lace, I mean, come on.

Georgy, 24

“Yes. Just as women feel and look sexy in lingerie, men can pull off that same feeling! When you can find your personal niches in what makes you feel sexy and more confident then by all means do what you can to maintain that feeling. Plus, it’s a bonus when your significant other finds you to be more attractive through such niches. To explore what makes you feel more confident helps you be comfortable with yourself aka therefore more comfortable with others. So, why not try out men’s lingerie?”

Karan, 19

“No. I’m just not comfortable enough with my body to do that. I wouldn’t even wear shorts with no shirt in a public setting so this is a bit too far for me.”

Dan, 19

“Maybe. Depends honestly on who I’m wearing it for, and my true feelings for that person

Andrew, 24

“No. It looks like something I would wear if I wanted a sex change.”

Dejan, 20

“No. I prefer the comfy and form-fitted underwear I’m used to, also the social circle I belong to is not accustomed to this trend yet.”

Brad, 22

“No. The stuff shown is basically just woman’s lingerie on men. I find no appeal in wearing feminine garments, and I don’t think the women I sleep with would either.”

George, 23

“No. Very feminine, if you want to look good in your boxers as a male then hit some squats and firm your ass.”

Mitchell, 20

“Yes. If it makes my butt look better, I’m in. Plus, if I knew a girl would find me attractive in it, I absolutely would wear it.”

Tyler, 20

“No. I don’t want a string up my butt.

Jay, 20

“No. From my initial reaction, the main reason that I wouldn’t choose it is directly tied into fitness. I spend a lot of time on learning and applying my own nutrition, recovery, and training. So in my mind, being naked is the most intimate and exciting. Essentially fitness and nakedness is the closest two people can get. No lingerie required.”

Joshua, 21

“Maybe. If I found something I like and my significant other was into it then why the f*ck not. What I do in the privacy of my bedroom is my business. Let me get my freak on.”

Cory, 20

“No. Wouldn’t waste money on something my girlfriend would take off of me within a couple minutes.”

Dan, 20

“Maybe. People will think it’s weird for the first little bit of time after it is launched, as is par for all new/progressive things. After some time, it won’t seem as weird, and will most likely catch on, so I’m down to set the trends.

Some of these men are surprisingly totally open to the idea, especially if it means pleasing their lady. But there’s still a very obvious social standard set for being the stereotypical macho man in the bedroom. I found it interesting to see Dejan’s comment about society not being accustomed to it yet, and Dan’s reference to how he thinks the trend might grow. So what’s truly in the books for men’s lingerie? A Victor’s Secret fashion show perhaps? I don’t think any of us ladies would complain.

If you’ve been inspired by the empowerment of male sexy clothing and want to get in on the action, try checking out xdress, or bodyaware!

Featured image via Lucas Ribeiro on Pexels


  1. Absolutely! I love my wife dressed in very hot lingerie that is obviously uncomfortable and not practical at all. But it’s hot to me and I’m ready to do anything she wants, so if me wearing something pink or frilly will get her extra excited, count me in!

  2. I’m one those rare straight guys that do wear men thongs every day and I think men today should at least try them and who knows by surprise u may actually like what your wearing. Today’s mens thongs has a pouch for your junk to be supported and honestly also makes it look that you are packing. My girlfriend thinks they are sexy on me. Guys be open minded, try something that u never did before. I was one thrm guys that thought only gay men wear thongs.


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