No Other Feeling Like This: The Hidden Trick To Finding True Love In Your 20s

When you know you’ve found the one, you just know. Everything starts to make sense. Everything is simple. You get used to their smell, how they taste, they way it feels when you’re with them.

Everything is okay when you two are together. You can never get enough of them,  and when you don’t know where else to turn, you just know they’ll be there.

Your relationship works both ways: they can count on you and you know you can count of them. It’s perfect. They’re crisp around the edges but you’ve learned to appreciate that imperfection is beauty.

Your favorite thing about them is how cheesy they are.

You’ve been with others before, but nothing quite compares, and although they weren’t your first, you know they will be your last.

After a rough night, you know you can count on them to make you feel better. It’s always the greatest feeling when you wake up and they’re right there beside you, right where you left them, as if they had never even moved.

You see them rise and fall back down as you breathe in and out. Just the two of you, both in sync. Nothing could be better.

People wonder how after so long, you’re still able to look at them in the same way that you did the very first time you met. Their warmth is something incomparable. When they get really close, your lips still quiver, and shivers run down your spine. You’ve found your forever…and that’s how you know. That’s how you know you’ve found the perfect pizza.

Love fades, pizza is forever. Pizza will never disappoint you, never lie. You can’t fight with pizza (although you may fight the pizza guy if he’s a few seconds late). Remember, if you’re ever in doubt: pizza will never be anything less than what you deserve.

Featured image via Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash


  1. That was the best Unwritten article I´ve ever read. Maybe not the best, but without a doubt THE FUNNIEST! Made my Christmas better. I´m probably going to read this up for the fam as a laugh after present opening. Great work Nikki!


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