6 Beauty Tips You Need For The Morning After The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

With the release of the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show comes the usual aftermath of low self-esteem followed by immediate obsession with becoming thinner and more beautiful.

It seems that everyone is always concerned with the latest beauty trends and weight loss techniques. From what nail colors are into what makeup brands will make you look perfect, to what new diet to try. While I do admit that being in good physical condition is very important for your health, and that beauty trends can be a lot of fun,

constantly attempting to change your outer appearance can end up being both emotionally and physically exhausting.

Even with the nicest clothes and the most expensive brand-name makeup, you still won’t look pretty if you’re miserable. It is quite often overlooked to concentrate on improving our inner selves just as much, if not more, than our outer appearances. Everyone gets stressed out, whether it be from work or from school, and occasionally that can make us grumpier, more negative, less happy versions of ourselves. So here are some other ways to instantly make yourself prettier to those around you, and maybe even to yourself:

1. Kindness

Whether it be a simple compliment about a friend’s outfit, or a friendly conversation with a coworker, it is so easy to be kind to people in our daily lives. Sometimes, we’re simply too busy and tend to forget. You could offer to buy coffee for a friend who is having a rough week and be a listening ear for them. Making somebody else smile is guaranteed to put a smile on your face as well.

2. Confidence

Confidence is the best accessory a girl can wear. Feeling secure in your own skin and walking into a room knowing that you own the place is definitely going to turn some heads. Don’t waste time comparing yourself to anybody else. Be proud of everything that you’ve done and everything that you are. You deserve to feel great about yourself.

3. Humility

The flip side of that is remembering to be humble. Having many accomplishments is great, but bragging about them can come off as cocky. Attempting to show off will end up making you look insecure. Being able to share your happiness with others without rubbing it in their face is important.

4. Honesty

Everyone knows the feeling of being lied to and it sucks. It’s important to be able to be honest with your friends and the people around you. If you messed up or if you have something to tell, own it and be honest about it. Don’t hide behind excuses or stories. Being able to speak the truth is much more admirable.

5. Passion

When you listen to somebody describe something that they truly love, you can really see their eyes light up. Being passionate about something other than yourself shows on the outside. Seeing your love and excitement shine through your passions can be really inspiring to those around you. So pick something you love and pour your heart into it!

6. Positivity

Even if you’re having a horrible day, or a horrible week, faking a smile can have a true positive effect on your emotions. Yes, everyone is going to have some bad days, and you’re completely entitled to, but if you stay positive on the inside then you will definitely look more positive on the outside, and positivity is contagious (also frowning causes wrinkles…not cool…so might as well be positive). A positive outlook looks better on you than anything you can buy.

We all need a little reminder every once in a while to worry about our inner selves just as much as we worry about our appearances. We all get busy and stressed, occasionally making us less desirable versions of ourselves. It is fun to be girly and get yourself all dolled up, but your inner beauty will always outshine any outfit that you wear, even if it’s a hoodie and sweatpants.

Featured Image via Kendall Jenner.


  1. This was well written! I love this article because just Victoria’s Secret models are unrealistically beautiful and perfect, it’s important to remember to be positive!


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