Respected Or Not: Why Miley Cyrus Is Still An Amazing Role Model

It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus is no longer the girl we all knew from Hannah Montana. Although I loved that Miley, I still think she’s a great person, which is contrary to what people seem to think about her these days. Some people may call her a psycho slut, but  she’s just living her life and has the theoretical balls to do whatever she wants without giving any f*cks. I honestly think we should all take a cue from Miley and live our lives not caring what other people think. Miley makes it known to the public that she doesn’t give a crap, and we all either love her or hate her for it. She puts it all out there for the world to see and whether we want to see it or not, she’s not going to die having any regrets.

1. Put yourself out there: Yes, this is easier said than done, but once you do it the first time, it makes every time after smooth sailing. Maybe don’t take the advice so literally and bare your whole body to the world, but put yourself out there and make yourself known to that world. If you don’t assert yourself, you most likely will end up regretting it. Some of the best things that happen in life come from taking chances.

2. Don’t apologize for being yourself: Miley has never been apologetic about her actions. Remember her performance with Robin Thicke? MTV might regret letting her perform, but Miley has made it clear that she sure doesn’t. If a decision you make makes you happy, don’t apologize for it. As long as you are making the decision with good intentions you shouldn’t have to be apologetic for anything because you’re living your life unapologetically which is what life should be about! Sorry, I’m not sorry.

3. Be proud of your relationships: Miley’s relationships have always been very public. She’s never too shy to say how she feels about her current beau whether it’s through her music or in interviews. In every day life, people are scared to fall in love because of past heart breaks or they’re too guarded. Take a hint from Miley and love people like you have no inhibitions. Life is too short to regret not talking to that one person you think is perfect!

4. Try different styles of clothes: Miley definitely has made her mark in the fashion world when she is actually wearing clothes and she always owns what she is wearing with confidence. If you feel the need to amp up your wardrobe and try out a new look, go for it! Try a new style you’ve always been dying to try and I promise you’ll feel as confident as ever!

5. Ignore the haters: Remember when Nicki Minaj publicly called out Miley at the VMA’s this year? Miley handled the situation with maturity and poise. Ignoring haters and being mature is the way to handle situations when things get rough. Haters are going to hate no matter what so you just have to keep doing your own thing. Just respect them and kill them with kindness and you’ll feel like the better person for it.

6. Follow your passions: Miley’s passion for her music definitely comes across in the lyrics and you can just hear her passion. She even starred in a few movies a few years back because at that point in her life, acting is what her passion was and she wanted to pursue that. Venturing out to follow your dreams can lead to some of the greatest things you’ll ever experience. When you take chances like this, you’re living life to it’s fullest without any regrets of not doing what you love.

Basically, it doesn’t matter what people think. You should live your life the way it was meant to be lived: without regrets. Despite what people think about Miley, she’s a great role model because she doesn’t let other’s opinions bother her. She lives her life without giving a f*ck because that’s what makes her happy.

Featured Image via The Rolling Stone. 


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