5 Companies That Stepped Up & Gave Back During COVID


When times are at their worst, people are often at their best, and good deeds spread like wildfire. Even though they needed to rapidly adjust to changing governmental restrictions and supply chain challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies still found ways to support the people in their communities who needed it the most. 

Here are five organizations that stepped up to lend a helping hand during the COVID-19 pandemic. They just might inspire you to give back!

1. Muse Health

As COVID-19 made its way across the U.S., hand sanitizer quickly vanished from retail stores’ shelves. Muse Health, a California-based company that produces a dual-action hand sanitizer that kills germs instantly and hydrates skin, quickly stepped in to get their sanitizer to people in need. Since April of 2020, the company donated more than 45,000 bottles of the cruelty-free, vegan hand sanitizer to organizations around the country. They also continue to donate one bottle of hand sanitizer for every bottle that customers purchase.

2. Allbirds

Healthcare workers have worked extra hard since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and Allbirds, a San Francisco-based sustainable footwear company, is there to support them. Over the span of five days in March of 2020, they donated $500,000 worth of their best-selling shoes to medical staff. Giving back is a long-standing part of Allbirds’s mission, and they deserve your support!

3. Thinx

Known for their line of underwear that absorbs period flow, the New York-based company launched a NYC COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund to support local communities and nonprofits. Thinx is no stranger to fighting for those in need – they push back against discriminatory policies, promote inclusivity, and advocate for menstrual equity. The company also works with partners like Girls Inc., Safe Horizon, and the Alliance of Border Collaboratives to expand access to basic hygiene products, reproductive healthcare, and mentoring for women everywhere.  

4. Everlane

Last year, Everlane partnered with Feeding America provide meals to the increasing hungry population. Not only did the San Francisco-based clothing company donate $100,000  to the cause, but they also donated an additional $10 for every customer donation. Everlane even donated $1 to Feeding America for every Everlane order placed. The company was able to exceed their fundraising goal, providing 2.1 million meals to the hungry.

5. Bombas

The New York City-based sock company’s mission is to help people who are experiencing homelessness. Since its founding, Bombas has donated “a pair for a pair sold” to organizations that help at-risk communities. To date, the company has donated more than 49 million pairs of socks. They also have more than 3,500 Giving Partners across the country. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bombas team spent 340 hours volunteering virtually and in-person. They donated more than 15 million pairs of socks to support social worker outreach and meal service efforts. The company also ordered more than 180 pizzas for a local family shelter. They even donated more than $250,000 to organizations that work to combat systemic inequality in the Black community. 

COVID-19 brought out our giving spirit, but these companies took giving back to new heights. If you can, support one of these incredible businesses – your purchase will help support a worthy cause!

Featured Photo by Devyn Holman on Unsplash.


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