Sorry Not Sorry: 6 Things You Should Never Apologize For

We’ve all been there. While waiting for your friend in the bathroom and casually scrolling through Instagram, you didn’t notice the line starting to form behind you. After an embarrassing few moments of standing aimlessly unaware, you jump out of the way and blurt out “oh my gosh, I’m sorry!” before shaking it off and continuing your day. This isn’t a rare occurrence for our generation and the overuse of the word “sorry,” simply has to end.

It’s become a conversational ritual to apologize by reflex in many social situations. Of course, we’re all very polite people and care deeply for the well being of others but the repetitive use of standardized apologies has got the entire universe yawning with insincerity. Have we gone too far, or is there a chance to crack this petty habit and recover the word’s intended use? Here’s a list of 6 things that you should not EVER be sorry for, no matter how tough it may be to catch yourself from blurting out the legendary “s-word.”

  1. Being bold. Own the confidence that it took you to fire that witty response! Never apologize for speaking your mind, even if you’re worried what the reaction may be. Saying you’re sorry takes away from your confidence. Stick to your guns, stand up for what you believe it, and don’t fear the truth!
  1. Crying. Everyone gets emotional sometimes and weakness isn’t always a bad thing. We are often conditioned to apologize for shedding waterworks in front of others, but we shouldn’t feel ashamed by this. A good cry can be exactly what you need, and some extra attention can really remind you just how many people care. Never underestimate what your body may be trying to tell you when you feel that lump in your throat rising. Take this little push to have a few deep breaths, and talk out loud about what’s going on.
  1. Independence. Never apologize for leaving a relationship that may be holding you back from your dreams, or for ditching your friends to stay in and catch up on your favorite TV show. Being alone is okay, and it’s crucial to give yourself some “me-time.” There’s no shame in taking a summer free from commitments to check a few things off your bucket list.
  1. Letting loose. Don’t let the fear of judgment force an apology out of you from a fun night on the town. Yeah, you danced on the bar at the club, and you looked damn hot while doing it. No, you shouldn’t feel ashamed for stuffing your face with pizza and garlic bread the second you got home. You made your friends laugh, let your hair down and had a blast. Nobody else is sorry, so why are you?
  1. Saying no. One of the biggest misconceptions of the millennial generation is that we need to apologize if we don’t want to do something that others try to pressure us into. Just because you danced with that guy all night, does NOT mean you need to go home with him. You don’t owe them anything, especially not an apology for rejecting their invite home. Saying no is empowering and a choice that we all freely should make sometimes. Embrace the ‘no’!
  1. Being you. Rule to live by: never apologize for being weird, quirky, or out of place. Embrace your differences and show off your unique qualities to the world. Someone out there is looking for a fresh face to walk into his or her life. Whether it is a future boyfriend, employer, or new friend you should never shy away from standing out.

I’m not sorry. I’m not sorry for the person I am, nor am I sorry for the person I was, or the person I may become one day. I’m not sorry for taking that unnecessary extra shot of tequila, nor am I sorry for my obnoxious moves on the dance floor. I refuse to let the words “I’m sorry” fall into my everyday rituals and I will cherish them for times of sincerity. This fauxpology doesn’t need to become a case of “the boy who cried wolf.”

It’s time for the world to take charge and bring the meaning of a true apology back to life. Cheers to the walks of shame, the public breakdowns, and your nerdy star wars obsession. We’re a generation of unique and confident superstars, so sorry but I’m not sorry.

Featured image via Marcelo Chagas on Pexels


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