5 Exercises That Will Give You The Perfect Bubble Butt In Leggings

No one likes pants. We’ll just make that clear from the beginning. My boyfriend makes fun of me for the surprising majority of the days that I leave the house wearing leggings. (Hint: It’s almost every day.) And it’s not that he doesn’t like the way I look in leggings, it’s just that I ALWAYS wear them.

But luckily, this isn’t about what kind of pants I should wear to please my boyfriend. It’s about making sure my booty looks good enough to be wearing leggings 24/7 this fall. Because let’s face it; when the leaves turn orange, and the air is nippy, I’m rocking leggings and booties almost every single day. And they go with everything. You’re going to the gym? Pair it with a tank top. You’re going to school? T-shirt. You’re going to the pumpkin patch? Nice sweater.

Leggings. All day er’day.

Here are some exercises to keep you booty-licious this season:

tumblr_n21uwbQj1N1t4ak9po1_5001. Squats. Girl, you know squats do the booty good. It’s the equivalent of walking up thousands of steps, except not nearly as exhausting (or discouraging). Whenever I’m starting to feel especially lazy, I get myself up off the couch and do 50 squats. Do your squats, eat your vegetables, wear red lipstick, and don’t let boys be mean to you.


2. Calf Raises. This will not only target your calves, but it will burn all the way up your hamstrings to your glutes…aka, your soon-to-be-perky butt. Besides, wearing leggings leaves basically nothing left to the imagination, and so having nicely toned thighs and calves are almost as important as making sure your booty is rockin’.

3. Lunges. These are honestly my least favorite leg exercise. When I’m doin’ my Kayla workouts(okay, the 7 day free trial she sends you..what? I’m cheap) I groan and moan and kick my feet before doing my lunges. I hate ‘em/ And I force myself to do them anyway, because it works like no other to strengthen the entire leg, which in turn, tones my bum to perfection.tumblr_n3oyk6j1821qk08n1o1_500

4. Side lunges. Because they’re the evil twin to lunges, and they like to skip together, hand in hand. Evil bastards.

5. The Stair Master. I’m sorry ladies. I really am sorry. If even the thought of using the stair-master leaves you with tears glistening in your eyes, then you’ve experienced the horror that is not being able to walk the day after an intense burn-session on one of these bad boys. But, you’ll thank me in a few weeks when you start filling out your leggings in a totally new kind of way.


You’ll be sore, you’ll be tired, but you are going to get heads turning, girls enviously staring at your glorious behind, and you’re going to feel like a goddess. You’ll have the butt of one, at least. So put your leggings on with confidence this season.

Featured image via Tim Samuel on Pexels



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