Jack Frost Can Kiss My A$$: 5 Ways To Beat The Last Of The Winter Blues

It’s finally March. Congratulations! You have beat the brutal months of Hell – I mean winter.

The sun is no longer setting at 4:30pm, the squirrels are running on tree branches above your head, and the Easter chocolate is being stacked on shelves in your local supermarket. Spring pastels and other hot fashion trends are put on the racks, and as you pick up a adorable floral crop top and smile, you’re hit with a cold gust of wind and snow as the store’s doors open.

Oh right. It’s still snowing. You think to yourself as you stare at your drabby reflection in the store mirror. You leave the store, trudging back in to the depressing snow slush in your Hunter boots. Although spring is around the corner, these last few weeks of winter can be the most painful of all.

Here are the best ways to focus on the sun and spring and kick out those winter blues for good before the season changes.

1. Spring Cleaning: Winter is coming to an end, and what better way to celebrate its departure than by getting rid of the chunky sweaters and clutter that has accumulated in your room and apartment? It’s time to get out of the depressing hole you’ve been hibernating in for the past five months and brighten up your space! Clean, re-organize, declutter, or add some color in new decorative pillows. Whatever you like to do to feel better, do it now and feel refreshed.

2. Exercise: Most people begin to exercise around this time of year to get their “beach bodies” ready for the summer. However, you don’t need rock hard abs to be pretty in a bikini. Exercise is more than just getting toned and sexy. It’s a healthy lifestyle that can give you purpose and motivation during the last few of these grey snowy days. Not only will you get in shape, but your body will produce more endorphins from the exercise, literally making you feel happier. There’s nothing like a good run on a treadmill and a nice steam to defrost your body from the blustery cold.

3. Plan a Trip: When all is failing, you’re looking out at the falling snowflakes and want to scream “GO AWAY YOU EVIL SNOW I HATE YOU!” like a lunatic, grab your laptop and start planning. Escape reality and get lost in package deals to New York, L.A, Costa Rica, anywhere your adventurous soul wants to take you this summer. Maybe you want to go to a music festival, or a quiet getaway. Whatever it is, this is a perfect time to start planning your summer road trip and escape reality through Google for at least a couple of minutes.

4. Eat Healthy: Nothing says spring like a freshly tossed salad, colorful fruits, and your daily dose of vitamin D. Eating healthy not only keeps you, well you know, healthy, but it also can remind you of all those spring/summer salads and barbecues that you’re longing for. An additional dose of Vitamin D will literally help you kick the winter blues that can be caused by a vitamin D deficiency from the lack of sun. So eat up, practice new recipes for future barbecues, and up those multivitamins girl. You got this.

5. $hop till you Drop: Don’t literally shop till you drop, this new healthy you needs to save some cash for healthy food and road trips. However, it’s time to celebrate spring and being able to wear bright colors and feel girly again. Even if it’s just a few statement pieces, buying something that you feel beautiful in can increase your confidence any day of the week. Having that new spring dress waiting for you in your closet will not make you curse the remaining winter days, but you’ll now be looking forward to a brighter and warmer future.

So the next time you’re at a store holding that adorable floral crop top and feel Jack Frost’s breath freezing the back of your neck, brush him aside and go purchase that top. Forget about the snow still surrounding you and smile, after all spring is just around the bend.

Featured image via Tiffany Bui on Pexels


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