When You Start Thinking Your Life Is A Mess, Think Again

Heading into the college or the adult world can be a stressful and confusing time. You might find it hard to keep yourself in check and pull it all together. You might slip up here and there, but it’s a part of learning the craft of being an ‘adult.’

Your good intentions on making yourself appear to be organized, diligent, and mature outweigh the ever-so-slightly noticeable bags under your eyes. Face it. Adjusting to the idea of your adult life being a mess is going to take some time. Embracing it, being proactive, and confronting it from the get-go will make you seem like less of a trainwreck and more of a hot mess. Here’s how:

Your term paper is due at 3 PM, and you just started it this morning.


BUT: you finished. Proactive procrastination at its finest.

What was supposed to be a classy dinner party for 20somethings turned into the most memorable rager of the year.


I mean, you still enjoy drinking on the weekends as much as the next person. You still have a few years left.

You have no idea what you are doing with your future, but you still show up to class on time anyway.

tumblr_inline_nxcpfnW3jZ1ses15k_500You have to figure out your future sometime. The light bulb will start-up soon, but for the time being, you’re managing to stay composed and show up for class. That’s something, right?

You manage to spend time with your friends and family because it’s a lot cheaper than therapy.


Sometimes, you have to ask why you spend time with them, but that’s ok.

And you don’t go on a date just to say you went on a date. You stay on the dating scene.


Free time is found few and far between, but those one-liners just scored you a date for Saturday night. Good job.

You’ve become indecisive with just about everything, but you’re still effectively learning to adult.


You’re in that awkward stage between being a teen, a college student, and actually being a part of the adult world. What do they call that…your 20s?

And when the going gets tough, you put your best foot forward and embrace that bitch.


Yet, you manage to keep your cool when your daily schedule allows for only one meal and three hours of sleep, and you have ten dollars on your card until payday on Friday.

Who are you afraid to disappoint anyways? Embracing that life can get messy just shows that you can keep composure under some of the most difficult and draining situations that adulting can throw at you. The point is, you do what is best for you whether you’re a hot mess or not. That doesn’t sound so much like a mess as it does getting your sh*t together now, does it?

Featured image via Sobhan Joodi on Pexels


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