Lazy But Ambitious: 7 Things All Overachieving Procrastinators Know Too Well

I’ll be the first to admit that I can rarely say ‘no’ when someone asks if I’m interested in doing something. I can’t help it… it’s in my nature! Sometimes my FOMO gets me in trouble, and I end up being overwhelmed, but I never learn my lesson. Exhibit A: writing two articles when I already have an essay, work, volunteering, and a birthday celebration to do. Here is part 2 of this deadly equation: while I have many goals, I’m also the world’s biggest procrastinator. My friends can vouch on this; I’ll complain about having two 15 page essays due on the same day all week, but I won’t actually start them until the night before, and it always ends in an all-nighter. The thing is, I have so many goals I want to achieve every week … and in all fairness, most of my work does end up getting done.

Here are 7 things that every overachieving people who still tend to be procrastinators can relate to:

  1. You want to do EVERYTHING.
    Volunteer? Flag football? Club executive? Work? You’re certain you can manage one club for each day of the week, and you do – for one month. Then midterm season rolls around in October, and you realize you’ve barely had enough time to sleep, let alone do readings. But sleep is for the weak and coffee makes you strong. So for those 4 dreaded weeks in October, you spend those 30 minute breaks in between practice and meetings watching Khan Academy videos, teaching yourself a month’s worth of material before walking into the exam room feeling like a boss.
  2. School Work
    You swear you can do a 20-page paper in one night… after all, how hard can it be, right? Sit down, crack open that bottle of wine, and start writing. Make sure you have an extra bottle next week when the grades come in, just in case you don’t get that A+ you were so hoping for.
  3. Showers are your best friend
    Personal hygiene isn’t top priority for most college students. But for you, showers are the best part of your day. 20 minutes every night where you can unwind, distress, and cry out all the sorrows of today and the worries for tomorrow. And yes, you’ll extend that shower for as long as your water pressure will let you.
  4. To Do Lists
    THESE ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE. You list everything, from essays, to exams, to coffee dates with friends you haven’t seen in 2 months because you’ve been, you know, too busy. To do lists are great in theory, but the problem is that every time you finish making a to do list for the week, more things piles up and it just doesn’t stop once you’ve completed some goals.
  5. Pleasing others but then not caring
    What people think of you is important. After all, it’s the relationships you build now that will carry you forward in life. So it’s in your best interests to be in everyone’s good books. You’ll run around doing coffee runs for your bosses, drive your drunk friends to Taco Bell at 3am, and even drive across the state border so your friend can save on taxes and buy a dress for the upcoming school ball (true story, happened to me last week). But sometimes, you’ve had enough. Even you need those nights where you can just say “Byeeee Felicia”, crawl into bed, turn off your phone and watch Pretty Little Liars.
  6. Job Applications
    Dreaming about the future is one of your favourite things to do. The idea of having a perfect 9 to 5 schedule, and come home to your beautiful apartment without having to worry about extra-curriculars is music to your ears. You spend hours and hours looking at job openings, saving them to a special folder you’ve titled “Potential Future Jobs 🙂 <3”. It’s just the matter of getting around to fixing my resume. Oh, and actually filling out the application.
  7. Overbooking yourself
    I feel like it’s just my first instinct to say “yes” to everything. Do you want to hangout Friday? Can you take my shift on Friday? Are you going to volunteer on Friday? Let’s go dancing on Friday? Can you help around the house on Friday? YES. In my defense, I have the worst memory, so most of the time I just forget that I said yes to something before saying yes again. This scenario ends in two ways – I do everything and just die at the end of the day, OR I blow off all my commitments and procrastinate some more with Netflix.

It’s a daily struggle on having so much that I need to do, and feeling like I have no time to do anything. At the end of the day though, just remember to make time for yourself. It’s okay if you don’t get everything you want done!

Featured image via Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels


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