A Guy Explains 9 Things That Make A Girl Wifey Material Over A One Night Stand

So, let’s say you’re out on a Friday night after a long week of classes, you’re feeling yourself at the bar and notice a guy giving you maaad eye game. You entertain his attention and eventually make contact with this guy in passing. You’re into him so you allow him to buy you a drink and have already decided you’re going to go home with this guy (girls, I know you usually know before the night starts how it will end). You don’t want to be a guy’s “slam-piece” for the night so what are you going to do to make sure your worth is known? From a guy’s perspective, when we meet a girl and find her attractive, you can be sure one of two things is going to happen:

1) Us guys will try to spit as much game to take her home for the night, or 2) We want to make her Bae (but still probably take her home…)

Here are 9 things that make a girl worth more than just a one night stand:

1. If she comes over and shows some respect for my place (by saying “it’s nice” or that she likes it, even if it isn’t nice at all), that shows she has manners. Already a good sign!

2. If throughout the night we both can vibe with each other, especially by making me laugh, then she is definitely someone I will want to keep in contact with. 

3. If she wakes up ready for round two, that’s always a huge bonus. 😉 

4. Leaving the next morning without even offering to make the bed assures that she will definitely not be welcomed back. Just offer to help clean up the mess that YOU helped make. It’s just considerate.

5. If we wake up and completely laugh at how ridiculous we were the night before then that’s also a good sign. If a girl is quiet and awkward then it’s more than likely she won’t get a second invite.

6. If on the off chance she has to be up early to get somewhere and leaves without harshly waking me up then she is the real MVP. Sometimes it’s the little things.

7. If we are at her place and she wakes me up the next morning with breakfast then I will want to wife that girl.

8. If she actually leaves me with her phone number then maybe I’ll be able to call her up and ask her out again. Think, ladies.

9. FINALLY, if she is down to meet up again for lunch or a drink then she is cool in the books. Guys are always down for a girl that can eat or drink with as friends, friends with benefits or with our newly discovered bae. 

Being a rational guy, I understand that all of these or even most of these won’t happen during a one night stand, but I think I speak for most when I say that we’re usually down for a good time and wouldn’t deny the possibility of making a girl bae (even after a one night stand). Ladies, don’t be afraid to be yourself during the night. Who knows, you might have met your potential bae.

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Pexels


  1. You seriously think a girl is wife material if she makes you breakfast after a one night stand? That’s on your list of the ‘perfect’ girl?

    What a MISOGYNISTIC and SEXIST article. There are so many more qualities about a female that would make her good friend/ dating/ marriage material OTHER than her abilities in the kitchen. Take a trip back to 1954 if this is that kind of bull shit you think makes a girl worthwhile.

  2. can’t believe you published an article like this 🙁 I used to love this website, but this is just so trashy & totally not promoting feminism and gender equality. I get that you want a variety of different articles and opinions, but this is just promoting sexism.

    Deifnitely won’t be reading Unwritten anymore.

  3. “If she offers to stop and get doughnuts or McDonald’s Breakfast before dropping her off ”

    “leaves without harshly waking me up”

    “Leaving the next morning without even offering to make the bed assures that she will definitely not be welcomed back.”

    “If she wakes up ready for round two, that’s always a huge bonus.”


  4. This is such an ugly, misogynistic article. I very disappointed that you guys chose to publish this. Offers to make a one-night-stand breakfast? Get up and make your own breakfast you pathetic twat.

  5. my friend showed me this article so i could see how ridiculous it is. are you proud to have this on your website? Is this what you stand for?

    strong women of today should not stand for his kind of misogynistic crap. and a magazine that it supposed to be aimed at independent, young women should not be publishing such harmful material.

  6. I wanted to start out by saying that I apologize for anyone that was personally offended or offended on the behalf of all women by my article. That wasn’t the intentions of my piece. Yes the article is written from a male’s (my) perspective, but all of these examples can be used from a females perspective.

    If a guy came over and was disrespectful to your play you wouldn’t be happy about it, and rightfully so.
    If a guy cooked you breakfast at his place after a one night stand that would make any lady happy.

    Same can be applied to all of these examples. I understand that all of these things or even most of things would not happen. I also understand that men shouldn’t be obligated to do any of these things and men shouldn’t feel entitled to them.

    I am a self-proclaimed feminist who will DRAG someone on sight that is being sexist or misogynistic. Growing up with two sister and single mother I wouldn’t dare to knowingly disrespect a woman or anyone for that matter.

    Again, I do apologize for anyone that I have offended, but I hope that you will continue to follow me as a writer because I have a lot more to say especially about this issue. 🙂

  7. A guy that says “I have a wife and sisters, so I respect women. I’m a feminist.”, does not know the true meaning. Just because you love several close females in your life, it doesn’t mean that you’re a feminist or that you know what it means to be a woman or that you don’t have misogynistic/ sexist tendencies. Being a feminist and believing in the equal treatment of the sexes- and trying to end the double standard women are held to- does not necessarily need close women in their life to teach them respect. It goes deeper than that.

    You may not have intended to offend anyone by your writing, but, honey, many things you said in this article were misogynistic. I’m glad you’re ready to DRAG anyone who says anything anti-feminist, so maybe you should DRAG yourself and learn a thing or two about how to treat women as equals and not as objects before you go shouting the F word (as in feminist) around.


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