A Dude Perfectly Explains Why The Double Standard For Sex Is Complete Bullsh*t

Okay, call me crazy, but I can’t be the only person to notice this double standard of sex partners between genders, and it just shouldn’t exist. Does it make any sense? Any sense at all? There’s a hypocritical stigma concerning the number of sex partners a person has in relation to how guys and girls are treated… If a guy sleeps around a lot, he is considered a “king,” but if a girl does, she is often called a “slut” or looked upon negatively. Why? WHY?! I believe that we as humans, are sexual beings, and I am tired of people attempting to nay-say that. MEN AND WOMEN SHOULD BE ABLE TO BANG WHOEVER THEY WANT, JUST BECAUSE THEY WANT TO!

Another reason this doesn’t make sense: If you think your buddy is cool for sleeping with a lot of people, but you’re calling all of those people sluts, how do you expect to be just as “cool” as him? Do you think that by going out, and calling the female population sluts is going to convince them to come home and watch Netflix with you? NO! It doesn’t make sense for a guy to negatively comment on a girl’s sexuality, because that will limit the amount of girls that he could be having sex with. THERE’S NO FUN IN THAT! Why not encourage that sexuality, laugh about it, enjoy it, eventually it may even lead to more sexual encounters in your own life!

Ladies, it is completely mind-blowing to me that you might actually agree with this double standard yourselves. For one miss to call another a slut because she sleeps around, also limits the amount of sex that you could be having! HEALTH BENEFITS! Shiny hair, smoother skin, WHITER TEETH; all things people PAY actual money for, could be achieved with SEX! Rather than call out another chick because she likes to have sex, why not embrace it yourself. LIVE IT UP! Who’s waking up in the morning and wondering, “hmmm, how long could I possibly go WITHOUT having sex?” Embrace each other’s sexual encounters, laugh about them, and tell them to your other girlfriends, AND guy friends; BE PROUD OF YOUR SEXY TIMES!

In a world that is chock full of new and exciting things, filled with people accepting others for their differences, and SEX; this double standard shouldn’t exist. I mean, we hear enough from the older generations about the small amounts of sex that they get to have, why wouldn’t we embrace all of these possibilities while we can?! Next time you hear a female sharing her story of a crazy one night stand, toss her a high-five, call her a F*CKING KING (or Queen), and go on with your day. It is time that we as a generation, we as a people, dispose of this double standard, and make way for sweet, sweet, love making.

Featured Image via screengrab of What’s Your Number?.


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