5 Guys Share What They Really Think Of Girl’s Piercings

As an eager 7 year old girl, I remember begging my mother to let me pierce my ears. Since then, I have gotten a second piercing on my earlobe. I’ve been curious about other piercings, but never been adventurous enough to get anything considered “abnormal.” I’ve asked my boyfriend a number of times how he would feel if I got such-and-such piercing, and I’m usually met with “if you want it, go for it, I guess.” I’m a strong believer in doing what you want, and not because someone else will find it attractive and appealing. However, because I’ve never really gotten a straight answer from a guy on what they think of piercings, I decided to ask a bunch of guys, anonymously, what they honestly thought

Nose rings

large-2“Hot, especially when it’s a hoop.”

“I think these are cute on girls. I have liked nose studs and hoops on girls. It all depends on how the girl rocks it.”

“Adds character.”

Not my favorite but something small is okay.”

“Fine, as long as it’s not a bull ring.”


So what’s the verdict? Nose rings are a go.

Tragus piercings

tragus“Looks elegant.”

“Tragus is attractive. I think girls with a tragus piercing are adventurous, although I have no evidence to back that up.”

“Ew, no, that’s the one part of your ear that shouldn’t be touched.”


“Intriguing, not always noticeable.”


The verdict? Definitely some mixed signals on this one.

Industrial piercing

industrialOver kill.

“Meh, seems like a trend that girls into hardcore music/lifestyle get. I am impartial to it.”

“Hate them. Why must you connect two holes in your ear.”

“I love these piercings as it is creative and does not inconvenience the individual with the piercing. Do it up ladies, I love them.”



The verdict? Most guys so no. It’s not going to stop me, though…

Eyebrow piercings

large-3“Not really my thing, but if you can rock it than I’m not a hater.”

“I would prefer not to look at an eyebrow piercing. I feel like it just distracts me away from the rest of the face.”

“Only is hot on girls with a moderate amount of tattoos.”

“Kinda trashy.”

“Looks good on most girls. But not my favorite.”


The verdict? Most are not a fan but overall, it depends on the girl.

Hip Dermals

hip dermals“Ouch! I would be worried to touch your hips, which I like to touch a lot.”


“These are hot. Although, I don’t fully understand how they work….”


“I’ve actually never personally been a big fan of these…but girls. If they make you feel beautiful, do it.”

The verdict? These guys are confused so girls, do what you want.

Nipple piercings

large (3)

“I don’t get why girls do this…like doesn’t that hurt? And it’s not pleasurable for the guy, tbh.”

“Yes, spice up your sex life.

“Ouch, but sexy.”

“Hook up- yes. Girlfriend- no.”

“A little trashy.”


The verdict? They think they’re sexy but not girlfriend material.

Helix/Forward Helix


“I think it looks kind of dumb.”

“Not as ugly as a lot of other piercings.”

“That’s fine. I’m pretty ambivalent towards them.”

“Do it up ladies, they look great.”

“As long as it’s clean.


The Verdict? They’re regular piercings so guys don’t care a lot about them.

Girls, you would be surprised at how many responses I got back that just said “huh?” “What’s that?” “Uh…I had to google that” “Uhm…if I knew what it was, maybe I could tell you.”

It’s your body. Do what makes you love your body. Boys opinions can be fun, but at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is how YOU feel. And honestly, it looks like boys don’t really care THAT much. They’re going to like you for the person you are, and most of the time, they won’t notice these piercings until after they’ve known you for a while. Hip dermals aren’t necessarily screaming out at you. So what is my verdict? You do you, girl.

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  1. I’m thinking about getting my septum pierced but my boyfriend won’t give me a straight up answer he’ll just just say sure, or whatever. I want to know if guys think it’s trashy or it’s not meant for someone that doesn’t have many tattoos or doesn’t listen the hardcore music.

    • it is not trashy, it is just so so ugly… I can not imagine a girl, who could ware it in a way that it would make her look better. No matter how cute the girl – septum will kill it! I would leave a blind date fast if someone is so blind to wear it as something she thinks will make her look better.
      We trim our nose hair, we get out our buggers – nose is a place we want to keep clean – now they but something in there that looks like golden nose hair or like 2 buggers are attached… good luck wearing that!

  2. They are so gross. It’s like you’re TRYING to look terrible. I’ve never seen ONE that I think adds to it, and I’ve never seen one girl that I thought “Yea she has a great ass and a beautiful face, but if only she had steel boogars in her nose. Nope no cow ring in her face that’s a deal breaker.”

  3. I don’t like piercings but I’ve given up complaining about them, the only girls who like me have several, and the ones without want nothing to do with me. Looks like piercings are my thing now. If you can’t beat ’em..

  4. Nipple piercing, or septum or the ones girls put on lips….that crap is fucking trashy, ugly, totally whore-looking. Please take that ugly shit off.

  5. They make a woman look cheap and slutty. Not to mention that the process creates a needless hole on your body that can either give you perichondiosis or sepsis. Its something pretty much only girls like. To put it in perspective for girls it’s like how some bodybuilder guys want to look like a eugenics experiment gone wrong.

  6. I am a girl but I have a loooot of good guy friends. I’ve asked them all this. Pretty much EVERY guy I ever met hates septum piercings. I personally don’t like them either, yeah kinda trashy. It looks like a bull ring. Most like a regular little stud nose piercing or a very thin, small hoop though.

  7. If you want to attract a high-quality male, then the best advice I can give to young women–from an honest 30-year-old man’s perspective–is to

    1) limit your sex partners as much as possible and only have sex in a long-term relationship; High quality males seek healthy, fertile women who exhibit the qualities of a trustworthy, reliable, of high character, mentally-healthy mother. Having many sex partners indicates you are being used and cast off by other males, and are therefore of lower value as a mate. It also indicates promiscuity which is a turnoff for both the trustworthiness and character points.

    2) don’t get ANY tattoos or piercings. No matter what you want to believe, it’s best for young women to find a mate when they’re 18-25 as this is when their sexual market value is at its peak. Men value fertility, health, trustworthiness and feminine virtuous psychological traits like nurturing and empathy which indicate you’ll be a good mother and will add prestige to the family. Men care about their status in the social hierarchy above all else, as this is how women seek out mates. So having a female who indicates antisocial behavior (tattoos and piercings), indicates promiscuity and age/mileage is a turnoff.

    In short, keep your skin and body clean. You’ll have the best choice of male mates between 18 and 25 so don’t waste that time having casual sex and ruining your opportunities to find a quality, long-term mate. I personally, am totally turned off by tattoos and piercings. Anything that indicates a girl has been with a lot of other guys, or would be an unreliable mother in any way. I have conversations with my male friends about these topics all the time, and in privacy, they’ll admit the same feelings. Be a good girl and you’ll get a good guy. If you’re like most girls and you want that wealthy, handsome, confident, popular male partner then don’t sleep around, keep your skin clear, stay healthy and go find him before you hit 25. Don’t listen to feminists or beta males attempting to manipulate you by telling you what you want to here. This is the truth, it’s not just anecdotal as the very basis for this information is rooted in economics and biological anthropology.

  8. If you want to do something for yourself do it. Take it from a 30 year old engineering woman. I took my nipple piercings out for my boyfriend at 18. I regretted it for so long. That guy was trash and my image was more important to him than who I am as a person.
    I have an amazing classy husband now and I recently got my nipples re pierced, he was unsure but now likes them. But more than that, he doesnt care about that, he cares about who I am.

    Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.
    If being yourself is a turnoff to someone, then you don’t want to spend your life with them or give them your body.

  9. All piercings are gross. I can deal with the single, small, normal studs that most women have done. Anything more than that. Extra ring sin ears, nose, belly… NO! All gross. God made the body naturally beautiful. Why add that stuff to it? Not pleasurable to see or touch at all.

  10. I am a teen girl who has a central lip piercing, a nose ring, a tongue piercing, two lobe piercings on either, a helix piercing and am still adding to my collection.

    I personally say “fuck everyone, this is for me” because I am a grungie/tomboy, but i guess i can understand why s o m e girls may want to know if guys think piercings are hot.

    In my personal opinion, from experience, I think some guys think it’s hot, and some are a little intimidated. More than anything, its about the sort of person you are dating or are looking to attract.

    If your looking to be in a relationship with a ‘soft featured’guy who has no tatts or piercings, the chances are (not always but predominantly) they’ll prefer you with either no piercings, or with few and small.

    On the other hand if you want to date a guy who is emo, punk, grunge, then you are most likely going to draw the eye if you have a few more edgy piercings.

    But like I always say—Do it for you and no-one else, and if the person you are fretting over cares about you enough hell get over it!


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