Forget Ink And Henna: Sunburn Art Is The New Summer Thing

Maybe it’s a little crazy, but crazy is what brings creativity to the world. Sunburn art is just another way teens and young adults are pushing artistic boundaries, and I love it. Tanning beds, obsessive sun exposure, and the desire to alter our skin color has been a trend since the 20s when fashion icon Coco Chanel popularized the idea. So let’s not pretend that sunburn art is a complete absurd and unconventional thing. Counterculture is what keeps the hipsters hip and besides, have you seen some of these sunburn artists?! I couldn’t even perfect a well drawn stick person let alone the skin Picasso’s that I’ve seen on the internet. Check out some of my favorite sunburn art with an artistic lens and admit it, these people are talented.

Tanned Lisa

Abstract Tanning



Sandal lines for the better


Check out these Insta-finds that absolutely kill it

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One of the biggest advocacy interests of our generation is freedom of expression. We religiously aim to end discrimination and judgment on people based on how they look, so why aren’t we paying that same respect to people who are confident enough to brand their body in a modern and unconventional way?

Our parents will be the first to preach about tattoos, hair dye, piercings, and tanning beds ruining our lives, and sunburn tattoos won’t be any different. I would say, you do you and stick with the obvious argument of “it’s your body, do what you want with it.”

Goodbye flash tattoos and henna, hello sun.

Featured Image via Right This Minute.


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