Back In The Dating Game: 8 Dating Tips For People Over 50

No matter your age, you can still experience the tingly feeling of new love. Dating again at 50 is the greatest gift you can give yourself if you’re single. Here are the dos and don’ts of dating in your 50s so that you can make the most of this magical experience.

1. Do chat with new people at your favorite places.

It’s time to put yourself out there, so interact with new people, especially at the places you frequent. This can increase your chances of meeting someone who shares your interests. After all, talking is the first phase of a relationship. You may not find love with the first person you chat with, but if you search in places where people you already like hang out, the stars will be more likely to align for you.

2. Do use dating sites.

Plenty of people use dating apps — and you can too. When you try your first dating app, your world will open up. It may seem like common sense, but don’t swipe right on everyone. Factor in your age settings so that you’re more likely to meet people who are in a similar stage of life as yours. And of course, read your potential matches’ bios before you swipe! You just may make a love connection.

3. Do revamp your style.

It’s time to put on your best clothes again and turn on the charm. Revamp your wardrobe and put effort into looking your best before stepping out of the house. Get that fresh trim, wear bright clothes, and be sure to dress in a way that makes you feel confident enough to chat up people you find attractive. Your style can show your fellow singles that you’re back in the game.

However, here are a few dating mistakes to avoid:

1. Don’t assume that dating is like it was when you were younger.

Everything changes with time —especially the dating world. You can’t necessarily use the same tricks that you did when you were younger and expect them to work for you.

Your letterman jacket isn’t going to attract partners now, and neither is that revealing dress you wore at your prom. No matter how badly you want to change your age, you can’t become any younger. However, you can embrace your age and use your wisdom to attract a mature partner.

2. Don’t believe that everyone your age wants to date you.

While it is true that dating can still be exciting for you, try not to make assumptions that everyone around your age wants to date you. Many people your age may not be searching for a partner, and those who are likely know exactly what they want. Some people might even want some peace and quiet as they mature. Therefore, don’t make up scenarios that could lead to unmet expectations — you want to keep your morale high.

3. Don’t be available to everyone.

Getting attention from potential suitors can be appealing, but remember that you can still say “no.” Accepting dates from everyone who wants to take you out might wear you out quickly. Only some people are worth your time, so save your time and effort for those special people — and them only.

4. Don’t lie to yourself or others.

Remember that anything about your life that you try to hide will likely come to the surface later. By that time, your partner may see you in a certain light, so your relationship could get ugly when they realize that you hid important details about your life. Don’t be afraid to be completely honest about who you are. A person who genuinely loves you will never leave you.

5. Don’t give up too soon.

To find your perfect match, you need to put in the effort. Yes, you’ll face bumps along the way, but you’ll find someone who can make the hard times bearable. If you genuinely want to find love, don’t give up. Work through your problems and look for love along the way.

Entering the dating scene after a long time away can make finding your perfect match seem new and confusing. However, don’t forget that you’ve probably played this game before. These tips can keep your anxiety from getting the better of you and let you trust your instincts. Age is just a number, so put yourself out there, and you’ll eventually find the partner of your dreams.

Photo by Bernie Almanzar on Unsplash


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